Why some men use violence against women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why people behave in certain ways

Why do some men beat women?
Why do some men treat women very badly?
Why do some men consider women inferior?

In order to understand any behaviour you must analyze it in the light of the person's core psychological makeup. In other words you can't assume that a man treats women badly because of a certain reason unless you understand so many other things about that man's mind.

Any behaviour ,that a person does, fits in a larger framework which defines all their other behaviors. If a woman suffers from anxiety then so many of her actions will reflect that problem. In addition to seeming unsure of herself in public interactions this woman might take small subtle actions that indicate that she is suffering from anxiety. See why people behave the way they do.

This woman might for example compulsively check on her mobile phone and keys to make sure she didn't lose them. Now such behaviour , when seen a lone, might not tell a lot about that woman but when it's seen in the light of her anxiety things become clearer. See also the hidden causes behind odd human behaviour.

Why some men use violence against women

Some men treat women as objects in order to fulfill some of their important psychological goals. Those goals usually result from the fact that those men are psychologically unstable. An unstable person needs to do certain behaviour in order to maintain his psychological stability.

Just like a a drug addict needs drugs to remain stable an unstable person would need to repeat certain behaviors over and over in order to maintain his balance.

Some men use violence against women to compensate for the bad treatment they got from their mothers. Those people are greatly wounded because of their pasts and they use violence to ease the feelings they get when they are reminded of those wounds. See how your psychological wounds define who you are.

Some men , who feel extremely inferior to others, try to feel good about themselves by dominating women. Those men might beat their women in order to feel powerful and in control.

Some men , who lost control over their lives, try to regain that control by controlling others. Those men can beat women and abuse them just to feel in charge again. See the psychology of control freaks.

Some men project their hatred of the females who rejected them in the past on their women. By harming females those men unconsciously believe that they are taking revenge against all women.

Some men , who don't believe that they are masculine enough, beat women in order to feel stronger and more powerful. By hurting females those men can feel more manly. See why some men spread adult jokes.

Why people deny their problems

As you can see each man might have his own reasons for using violence against women but in most cases those men will be in serious need of help.

Now the problem is that no one of those men will actually have any idea why he is behaving that way. The problem with behavior is that it's strongly connected to the subconscious mind in such a way that most people don't really understand why they do the things they do. See how subconscious goals affect your life.

People usually bury the things that hurt them the most inside their subconscious minds. Most people will firecly defend themselves from their wounds by denying them, ignoring them or convincing themselves that they don't exist.

So how to help a man who hurts women?
First you have to understand his specific reason for doing it and then the next step would be much clearer.

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