Why some men don't like strong women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it normal for men to like submissive women?

Research has show that men find women who smile often more attractive than those who don't. Research also has found that women find men who smile less more attractive, See why an Angry Face makes a man more attractive.

What can this tell you about men and women in general?
This shows that men might have a tendency to prefer supportive and friendly women over others. Now so many people get this wrong and believe that men also don't like strong women by nature but that's not correct.

A woman can be strong and independent yet friendly and supportive. Not a popular combination but it can still be found. So if that's the case then why do many men shy away from strong women and prefer to avoid them?

Why some Men don't like strong women

Many men feel insecure and unsure of their masculinity. The pressure a typical man is put through as soon as he starts growing up usually makes him feel that he is not as masculine as he should be.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that under that kind of pressure men follow different strategies in order to feel more strong and masculine. One of these strategies is finding a weak woman that they can easily control and dominate in order to feel more powerful.

In other words some men , and not all, prefer submissive women because they are too insecure to be with a strong woman. Those men might have different fears such as the fear of loss of control, the fear of failing to overpower the woman and the fear of not appearing manly enough.

Fear of a woman's success

Some men fear strong women because the personality traits of those women might lead them to become successful in life. In such a case those men might fear that those women might become more successful than them.

This usually happens with men who are insecure about their level of success in life or about their future plans. A man might fear that his woman might become more successful than him or even successful enough to leave him.

Some men actually prefer to prevent their women from working for the sole purpose of being fully in control in order to prevent their women from becoming less dependent on them.

Fear of losing the leadership

Men who have a low self esteem and who don't consider themselves dominant usually look for women they can easily dominate. This doesn't mean that every man who likes submissive women has self esteem issues. It just means that in some cases this is the main motive for choosing such a woman.

Those kind of men might fear that a woman might be strong enough that she leads the house. In other words some men prefer weak women in order to make sure that the leadership will always be in their hand.

Some women overdo it

In order to be fair i have to mention the fact that some women overdo it. Some women develop masculine traits such as aggression, fast temper and exagerated assertiveness.

All studies have shown that most men find those women less attractive if not repulsive. While many men like strong women most of them don't like that aggressive one who is trying hard to control everything including the man himself, See why some women are so conrolling.

In other words there is a big difference between a strong woman and a control freak who wants to over power everything including other males because of certain unconscious goals that they developed somewhere in their lives.

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