Are blondes really dumb

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How Stereotyping affects behaviour

Why are there so many jokes about blondes out there?
Are blondes really less intelligent than other people?
Could there be some kind of connection between looks and intelligence?

Before i can answer these questions i first need to tell you about the results of a study that intended to find out whether men are better than women in math or not.

When math skills were measured for little kids of both sexes the study found no significant difference between them. but years later when both grew up women started to score lower on math tests. (see also The effects of stereotyping)

What happened here?
When everyone starts to believe that you are not good and when they start to project this identity on you then you might actually believe them and stop doing any effort to improve your skills.

In other words women who scored lower on these tests actually gave up on improving them long ago because of believing in the stereotypes that were imposed on them.

What happens to some blonds?

Now when everyone starts repeating the fact that blonds are dumb some blonds might actually fall prey to the stereotype and believe that they have lower intelligence. The result of this belief is lack of investment in intellectual tasks that might have actually improved intelligence a great deal.

Under the effect of these mental suggestions a blond woman might start to focus more on superficial matters while giving up on raising her intelligence because of thinking that this area isn't her point of strength. (see also How limiting beliefs can affect your life)

Now the question is, does this happen to tall blonds?
Of course no. Only those who have a low self esteem get affected by the continues programming they get from the media, their friends and their culture. (see also subconscious mind programming)

Why do some people think blondes are dumb?

Up until this paragraph only half of the mystery is solved. You now know why some blonds behave that way but the question now is, where did that stereotype come from?

In a previous article i said that all humans strive for superiority in their own way. When some people fail to feel superior in a useful way such as succeeding in their life they start to seek other methods to feel superior such as gossiping or makig fun of others.

Now because many women feel jealous of blonde women some of them find no other way to feel good about themselves other than believing they are smarter than them.

Men on the other hand might feel inferior to beautiful blondes if they had low self esteem since they might believe that they can't get to them. Now those men does the same exact thing as well. By believing that blonds are stupid they get a temporary Victory over them whenever they repeat this belief.

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