Depressed because of money?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Depressed because of money

During financial crisis, economic downturns and depressions it’s not uncommon to find some people suffering from depression because of their financial situation.

While it’s so normal to feel bad if you can’t meet your payments or even become depressed if you stayed without work for months still some people over react to any change in their financial situation because of old childhood wounds that they still carry inside their hearts.

Measuring success by the money you collect

Some people measure their success in life by the money they collect. I am not talking about billionaires or even millionaires but I am talking about normal people who measure their life success by their career success or financial success.

If a man became depressed because his promotion was delayed and if he was not in a big need of extra money then this person is measuring his self worth by his career success. if your self worth became dependent on an external factor such as your career success then this might result in mood swings whenever your financial situation changes.

Of course success is something that people should go after and fight for. After all one of the main purposes of 2knowmyself is to help people fight for their goals but when the delay of the achievements results in low self worth and depression then there is something wrong that should be fixed.

Why do people measure their success by money and other things?

  • Lack of self worth : When someone doesn’t feel worthy he might start a journey for collecting external objects that makes him feel worthy like money, career success or extraordinary achievements. So after all you should never fear successful people as lots of them lack self confidence
  • Financial insecurity: If a child suffered from financial insecurity then most probably he will fight to become rich for the rest of his life and he might become depressed on the slightest change to his financial situation not because he needs money but because it reminds him of the old wound
  • Having nothing but their careers: Do you know that guy who keeps talking about his job 24 hours even when its not the right time to talk about it? Some people have failed to have a successful social life and so their subconscious minds decided to keep them busy with their careers so that they forget about this failure (see When he deceives you for more information on deception coming from within)

How to deal with Depression?

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can be nothing more than a signal your mind sends you when hope is lost.

If you were laid off you won’t feel depressed until you give up searching for a new job. Even if you kept trying but hope disappeared you will still get depressed simply because the subconscious mind cares about your feelings more than your actions. If you kept applying for new jobs while believing that you won’t find a suitable one then nothing will change.

If you want to get rid of depression don’t take any actions but take ones that you believe in so that you force your subconscious mind to believe in them too.

In order for hope to shine again your subconscious mind must believe your conscious mind, depression in many cases, stems from the situation where the conscious mind tries to do something while facing strong disagreement from the subconscious mind.

The book The ultimate guide to getting over depression was released by 2knowmself, the book provides a 100% guarantee for feeling better else you will be refunded. 2knowmysef is not a complicated medical website nor it's a boring online encyclopedia but it's a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and that is presented in a simple and obvious way. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself.

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