Exogenous depression vs endogenous depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Exogenous and Endogenous depression

In many articles I talked about getting over depression by solving the main problem that caused the depression, however, there are cases where depression can come from nowhere, this is the case of endogenous depression.

Dealing with endogenous depression

Endogenous depression is a type of depression which is caused by genetic factors. You don’t have to lose someone close or to encounter a life problem in order to develop endogenous depression and that’s why it was called "Endo" because it comes from within.

Medication works with endogenous depression. If you are sure that you are depressed because of no apparent reason or life problem then consult a physician for depression medication. Medication works on restoring the balance of the brain's chemicals because chemical imbalance is the main cause behind endogenous depression.

However there is a very important point that you must put in mind. Many people feel depressed because of certain problems that they can't solve but because these problems might bring unpleasant emotions they choose to bury them deep in their subconscious minds.

Usually those people will think that they have endogenous depression while in fact they are just hiding the real causes deep in their minds.

In most cases it's not endogenous

So many physicians are too busy to hear your problems or to identify the real cause for your depression. As a result of not having enough time , and sometimes lack of experience, many doctors make patients mistakenly believe that their depression was caused by their genes where in most cases it's something in the external environment that interacted with your genes in a certain way that caused the depression.

I have seen so many people mistakenly fooling themselves into believing that depression happened because of their genes and as a result they remain stuck for a very long period of time without doing any proper action that can help them.

We humans are lazy. We usually prefer the easier soloution or the one that doesn't require a lot of effort. When we find someone suggesting that the problem is with our genes we might embrace that suggestion just because it involves doing no effort at all. See why are some people lazy

But what if your depression was caused by a serious matter such as failing to reach your goals or giving up on something that really matters? In such a case you would never be helping yourself out of depression if you never took the right actions.

Dealing with exogenous depression

If you want to deal with exogenous depression then make sure you isolate the main life problem that caused you the depression.

When someone feels depressed everything seems negative and that's why some people fail to isolate the main problem that caused their depression. When people find an incorrect root cause for depression they might waste their time solving a problem that won't help them improve their mood.

Once you isolate the main problem you should then start to deal with it (using one of the two following methods

  1. If its something that can be dealt with like loss of money in the stock market then write an action plan that can help you deal with it.
  2. If it was something that can't be dealt with like loss of someone close then you must work on accepting it.

As soon as you either solve a problem that can be solved or accept a one that cannot be solved your depression will ease and you will feel fine once again.

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