Does being smart make you rich

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are all rich people smart?

So many people suffer from lack of self confidence because they don't have an explanation for why they aren't rich. Those people assume that if a person is a hard worker and smart then he will get rich.

When those people work hard but don't get rich they tend to believe that either something is wrong with them or that they are not smart.

This leads us to the ultimate question : Does being smart guarantee that a person will become rich?
No this is not correct and the evidence is available to everybody.

There are so many smart people who aren't rich and there are so many not so smart people who are very rich.
Had this been a rule every smart person would have been rich and the opposite would have been true. See also what rich people do differently.

So where is the problem exactly?

The world is not linear

The reason you are asking yourself that question is that you believe that the world follows 'a one plus one equals two' approach. I am sure you believe that if you worked hard enough while being smart enough then you would eventually become rich but things don't always work this way.

Yes the world we live in has rules but those rules are very different from the ones we believe in. The fact that we want more control over our lives have led us to believe that we are 100% in control of our lives while that's not true. See the illusion of control.

So why do we want to believe that we have control over everything?
Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • We are egoistic
  • We overly praise rich people
  • We want to be in control
  • We fear loss of control
  • We want to understand how the world works
  • We want to follow clear rules

There are many other reasons that motivate us to believe in those rules we created but i believe those ones are the most powerful. Under the effect of those forces we created the rules that make us feel good the most then we believed in them.

What happens when the rules don't work?

When the rules we created don't work. Many of us lose confidence and feel bad about ourselves. While we remain puzzled in the face of the events we are facing we refuse to admit that the world might be following different rules than the ones we believe in.

If you have been reading 2knowmyself articles for a while then most probably you already know that i am a big fan of hard work and persistence but those are only two parts of a bigger puzzle.

Yes hard work can help a lot but there are cases where it can't do something on its own. The same goes for intelligence which can help a great deal in some cases while in some other cases it can't.

The thing you need to realize is that not being rich doesn't make you less worthy for there are many other factors apart from the ones you believe in ,such as hard work or smartness, that can impact your life.

Keep trying, never give up but realize that you don't have the level of control you think you have.

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