7 Reasons you are smart but not rich

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lost your confidence?

Do you think you should have been more successful?
Did you start to doubt your intelligence because you are not as rich as your friends?

So many people lose their self confidence when they compare their progress in life with others. So many smart people stand puzzled in front of the tough question "If i am really smart then why am i not rich?"

For the first instance the question seems very reasonable, after all if a person is smart, persistent, ambitious and goal oriented then he must end up being rich, right?

Well the answer is no. You can be all that and still not be as rich as your friends. But how can this be?
Just check the following points.

1- Discovering something ahead of it's time

So many people discovered things ahead of their time and failed miserably as a result of bad timing. For example the first tablet was invented long ago but it only became successful when it was reinvented when the market was ready for it. This means that if you were too ahead of your time you might fail.

2- Discovering something late

So many smart people came up with very smart ideas but their timing was a bit late and as a result they failed. Have you ever thought about a great business idea only to discover that someone else already did it? In such a case you might be very smart but the problem is with your timing not you.

3- Discovering something right before a major player gets in

So many smart entrepreneurs failed because few weeks after they started on their brilliant ideas giant companies entered the market. Sometimes you might come up with a great idea without knowing that someone else is already working on it and as a result you might fail few weeks after you start.

4- Sometimes the brilliant idea comes by chance

Do you know what's common between Twitter and Flickr? Both are extremely successful projects but what many people don't know is that they came by chance. Twitter and Flickr were side tools serving other big projects but suddenly the owners realized that the side tools can be more successful than the core business.

5- Meeting the wrong person

If Mark Zuckerberg never met the Winklevoss twins Facebook would have never been here and if Facebook never existed then Zynga would have never existed along with thousands of other companies. (see 10 famous people who succeeded later in life)

6- Not coming across a frustrating need

The secret keyword to starting a successful business is frustration. It all begins when an entrepreneur finds a very frustrating problem that he decides to solve it by starting a business. Now what if you never found that frustrating problem? What if your life style prevented you from encountering such problems?

7- Your hobbies never lead to frustrating needs

So many entrepreneurs discovered those frustrating needs through their hobbies or by mere chance. If your hobbies didn't allow you to find those needs then you might never be able to start a successful business.

Are we really in control?

Do we have full control over our lives?
Are we 100% in control?

The short answer is No. Just as you saw there are so many factors that affect your progress in life that has nothing to do with your intelligence, ambition or hard work.

So why is everyone idolizing successful figures?
Why so many people try to attack this fact and deny it as soon as they hear about it?

Why people refuse to admit this fact

Simply because they are afraid. They are afraid to admit that there are things that are out of their control. The other group denies this fact because of their Egos. For example, it's a fact that 2knowmyself made me a millionaire. Now what do you think sounds more satisfying to my ego?

1-saying that i only came up with 2knowmyself because i accidentally found a problem with the other psychology blogs 2-or saying that i became a millionaire because i was exceptionally smart?

In fact i developed passion for psychology as a result of a mere coincidence. I started reading online everyday with no plan in mind. As i kept reading i started getting frustrated by the poor results i am finding in Google and after sometime i decided to create a blog that has the right answers that don't exist anywhere.

Now if i didn't have passion for psychology or if i used to read books instead of online articles then 2knowmyself would have never been here.

Am i smart? Maybe but i didn't arrive here because i am smart and ambitious. I arrived here because i did my part well and the random variables in life favored me (you might call it luck I call it God).

The Solid confidence program was launched by 2knowmyself.com; the program will either help you become more confident or give you your money back.

2knowmyself is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself.

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