5 reasons grades don't reflect intelligence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Bad grades & Self esteem loss

I get many mails from young readers who say that they feel bad because they got bad grades. After reading few words of any of those mails i quickly conclude that the main reason those people were feeling bad was because of self esteem loss and not because of the consequences of their bad grades.

So many people mistakenly think that grades reflect their degree of intelligence and as a result feel bad when they get bad ones. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that connecting your self worth to any variable such as grades or salary can have a very bad impact on your self esteem.

But because the subconscious mind can't just let go of something without first being convinced of the reason it's so important that you see some convincing proofs yourself. And guess what, This post will show you why grades never reflect intelligence.

5 reasons grades don't reflect intelligence

  • 1) Passion is more important than intelligence: Some video games require much more intelligence than many exams and the reason you might have done well on video games but bad on exams could be because of the absence of passion. When you study something you are not passionate about you are very less likely to get motivated and as a result you might not absorb the studying material well. I am pretty sure you noticed you get better grades on the subjects you love or at least the ones you don't hate
  • 2) Some questions depend greatly on memory: Many exams require studying lots of information by hard that the person who has a better memory has a much higher chance of getting better grades. If you hate memorizing stuff then there is a great possibility that you will forget things on exams and get bad grades (see also Studying tips)
  • 3) Your emotions affect your grades: Your emotions affect your thinking process, memory and your ability to concentrate while studying. The emotions you experience while studying or while taking the exam can affect your grades greatly
  • 4) You might be very creative: Most educational systems try to force people to think in a certain way thus eliminating any chances of creativity. A creative correct answer might be considered a wrong answer just because it's different and doesn't fit into the educational system. The image at the top of this article, if it was real, reflects real intelligence that doesn't fit into the rigid system
  • 5) So many genuineness used to get bad grades: Einstein's teacher thought that he was a dumb child. Not being interested in what you study doesn't make you less intelligence or dumb

Very important note

The reason i wrote that article is to help you realize that there might be nothing wrong with you so that your self esteem doesn't get affected. But still this doesn't mean that you shouldn't study the subjects you don't like. One of the facts you need to know about life is that in many cases you will have to do something that you absolutely hate to reach something that you really love.

If for example you love computer science you will still have to study math and statistics even if you don't like them. Sometimes you will just have to keep going through an unpleasant road to reach a bigger goal.

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