can getting a job increase your self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

can getting a job increase your self esteem

Do people who work have a higher self esteem than those who don't?
Can your job increase your self esteem?

Self esteem or self worth is the belief that you are an important and worthy person. The more you manage to feel important the more will your self esteem rise.

If your job allowed you to feel important or if you believed you are contributing to the company you are working for then your self esteem will rise, however, in some cases your job can lower your self esteem and make you feel less worthy.

The way your job affects your self confidence will depend on two factors, the first is your psychological identity and the second is your perception of the task you are doing.

Lets suppose that you were obsessed with being in control, in such a case working for a controlling boss will make you feel helpless and as a result your self esteem will fall.

In other words if the job you are doing didn't help you fulfill your important needs then it will lower your self esteem.

Your psychological identity and your job

I have said earlier that the psychological identity is the way you believe you should be. A narcissist for example has the belief that he is more important than others.

If you want to make a narcissist depressed then let him work in a place that makes him feel that he is not important or worthy. In other words, when your job goes against your psychological identity then it will certainly lower your self esteem and ruin your mood.

years ago when i worked as a customer service agent for a large multinational company i never understood why i was constantly feeling down. After all i was earning a good salary, working for a large company and enjoying good benefits yet something felt wrong

The problem i was never aware of at that time is that my psychological identity was being a leader and so i had serious problems taking orders from a manager. Add to this the way some customers shout at customer service agents and you will understand why my subconscious mind started feeling that i became less worthy.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your subconscious mind will always be monitoring your progress in life and if it found you going against your main identity it will lower your self confidence.

After one year at that job i started to realize that something was wrong and that my self esteem was strongly affected so i decided to start my own business then after few month i regained my self esteem back.

Note that i am not asking you to quit your job and start a business but if working for someone is against your main psychological identity then you must quit your job.

Self confidence domains

Can someone feel worthy and important without having a job?
Yes that's quite possible. Self confidence can be increased across different domains and your job is only one of these domains.

In other words if you managed to do anything that makes you feel important then you might not need to find a job or go up in ranks.

During the transition period where i was starting 2knowmyself and working for that multinational company in parallel i never felt i wanted to get promoted simply because i was feeling that i was doing a very important thing (working on my own business)

So even if your job doesn't allow you to increase your self esteem you can easily find another alternative domain to work on and your self confidence will still improve.

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