How to find innovative ideas

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be innovative: Summary of my talk at Tedx

I was invited as a speaker at Tedx in an event about innovation. Here is the summary of my Tedx speech:

When i began working as an employee i was totally unsatisfied with my life because: i hated waking up early,i didn't like the idea of having a boss, i didn't want to work for more than 5 hours per day and i didn't want to travel for work. In addition to this i wanted a really big pay.

Now when i told my friends that i wasn't satisfied with my life because of my job they all told me that i don't have to like what i do and that no one likes his work.

In other words, those people tried to force me to believe that i am stuck that way and that i have to live a life that i don't really like just because everyone else does the same.

I didn't like the idea of living a life that i am not satisfied with just because everyone around me believes that there is no way so i decided to find an innovative solution for my problem.

How to find innovative solutions for your problems

Our minds can find us hundreds of creative and innovative solutions provided that we know how to extract them. Most people are more creative than they believe and their only problem is that they don't know how to use their creativity.

The first thing you need to do to find an innovative soloution for a problem is to believe than a soloution exists. When you believe that there is no way out your mind does no effort in finding solutions simply because it believes that any soloution will be a waste of time. (see 3 ways to protect your beliefs about success)

If you are locked in a room and can't get out but believed that the key is somewhere in the room then you will keep searching for it. Now what if you believed that there is no key? You will just keep shouting for other people to save you or you will leave your fate to luck.

The next thing you need to do in order to be innovative is to get prepared to face the people who will try to make you think that you are mad just because you are trying to implement a new idea. When i decided to create an internet business people didn't just make fun of the idea but they tried to convince me that i am a total lunatic.

Try to tell a group of people about a new idea that came to your mind and you will find everyone trying to prove to you that you are insane. Unless you psychologically prepare yourself to face such comments you might believe those people and stop trying.

My talk at Tedx at bibliotheca alexandrina, Egypt

How innovation can change your life

Today i run a successful internet business. I wake up whenever i want, i work whenever i feel like working, i work from home, i don't have a boss and i am a dot com millionaire. (see my book How i did it).

Personally i wouldn't have believed that it is possible to fulfill all those goals at the same time if i listened to people. After all it seemed almost impossible to find a job that provides all of these benefits but because i believed that there is a soloution i managed to find one.

Most people give up on their business ideas as soon as people put them down and this is a great mistake because most of those who put you down are not happy with their lives, never reached their goals and are not living their dreams. (see 5 reasons you shouldn't follow the crowd)

How come you listen to those people even though they are that miserable?
If you followed those people you will end up being like them while if you listened to your dreams you will do what they never managed to do.

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