How long does it take for success to happen

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem the internet created

Before the internet was available to everyone people's definition of success was different. A typical person would normally compare himself to the people living around him in the same area in order to determine his own level of success.

After all , whether we like it or not, we do compare ourselves to others in order to find out our position in the society we live in. If you lived in an isolated village then you would have felt successful if you were just better than most of the people in your village but if you lived in a large city your standards will certainly differ.

Now what about comparing yourself to the whole world?
This is exactly the problem the internet has introduced. Any person nowadays , whether he likes it or not, unconsciously compares himself to people he never met.

In my article How Instagram can ruin your mood and make you unhappy i explained how you can easily feel jealous after coming across a picture of a person you never met before just because he seems to be having a much better life.

What the internet has done is that it broadened the scope of those comparisons to include almost every person on the planet.

How long does it take for success to happen

The internet didn't just broaden the scope of such comparisons but it also made it seem like success can happen instantly and over night. The world has billions of people. According to the laws of probability some of those people must hit the jackpot very early in their lives.

Now as we hear about those people , obviously because they get glorified, we might start to think that success should happen so fast. In fact today some 25-year-olds consider themselves losers for not making great achievements or changing the world the way Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs did early in their lives.

The general rule of success is that it takes time to happen. In fact i was reading some statistics about Billionaires and realized that most of them started their successful companies in their mid thirties.

So why does it seem like everyone is succeeding at the age of 22?
It's simply because when one person , or few ones, get very close media attention for succeeding at a young age it starts to seem to everyone that this kind of success can happen to anyone in that young age.

Yes this kind of success can happen but it's the exception not the rule. The rule states that you have to work hard for years and years in order to become successful. Now holding on to such beliefs is a problem because if those exceptions became your new standard then you will suffer from a serious depression as soon as you reach that age without creating much success.

Firm steps and the long term vision

The normal way for success to happen is slowly and gradually. By taking firm and small steps each single day you will be paving your way to success and bringing your goals closer.

If it happened that you hit the jackpot early that would be a great thing but if it didn't happen then don't feel bad because early success isn't the rule but it's just the exception.

Yes dream big, plan to change the world and do your best to succeed at the earliest possible age but if it didn't work then simply focus on creating that success in the next phase of your life.

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