How the available options affect the relationship partner choice

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How the available options affect the relationship partner choice

Do you know that the number of options a person has affects his perception of attractiveness?

If a woman believes that she is too attractive then she will believe that she has more options and as a result she will become more picky.

In other words, some people are picky because they believe that they will have a large pool to choose from even if no good options were available right now.

That's another reason why people who are too confident might stay single for a long time. While they meet good people they still believe that they can do better.

What happens when you have limited options

If a woman has few options, lets say because her life style doesn't allow her to meet many new people then most likely she will sacrifice some of her needs when choosing a life partner. If that women wants a man who has 7 good specific personality traits then she might sacrifice 2 of them just because she believes that she won't be able to find a better man.

This way of thinking might lead to cheating later on! When a person makes a choice just because he has no more options then one day when he finds the better option he might become a cheater.

When choosing a life partner don't consider the available options but try to find out what you really want with disregard to what's available.

When the options suddenly become limited

Back to that beautiful girl who used to believe that she could get any man whom she wanted to get. If her life changed in a way that made her believe that she now has less options then she might sacrifice some of her demands as well.

Aging is one example of a change that can make a woman feel that she has less options. If that woman was obsessed about staying young then there is a good possibility that she will sacrifice some of her needs when she gets older.

Here in the middle east where the average marriage age is around 25, its so common for a woman to be less demanding after the age of 25 just because she is afraid to end up alone.

So here again the available options parameter greatly affected the woman's choice.

Making someone fall in love with you

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people never fall except for those who meet their subconscious criteria (the list of traits and resources that a person might have in order to be attractive according to their own point of view)

Now when putting in mind the available options a person has you will be able to figure out to what extent he is willing to sacrifice some of his needs.

In other words, if the person has few options then you don't have to meet all of his subconscious criteria in order to make him love you but you just need to meet the basic ones. (see The psychology of love)

Finding someone less attractive later on

I am sure you used to like someone long ago then found him less attractive these days. This might have happened because many new options showed up and as a result you realized that you have different needs than the ones you thought you had.

Whether you are trying to attract a person or whether you are trying to understand how your mind works examining the available options parameter will give you a better understanding of yourself and others.

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