How to become the person you always wanted to be

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you happy with who you are?

Are you happy with who you are today?
Are you now the person you always dreamed of becoming or are you way different than who you wanted to be?

Do you consider yourself brave? Do you feel that you are confident? Or do you feel that you need to do more effort.

The culture shapes a person

in the 7th century teens used to lead vast armies. it was not uncommon to see a 15 year old in a battle. some of the elite army leaders at that era were less than 25 years old.

Can we find a leader of an army today who is 18 years old?
no, most probably that teen will be concerned with his hair style, his body weight and many other insignificant factors.

so what's the difference between the people who live nowadays and the people who lived long ago?

Its all about the the different beliefs they got exposed to as a result of the culture they lived in. I am not by any means saying that war is good but i am just explaining how being raised in a different enviroment can totaly change your beliefs about the world.

How to become the person you always wanted to be

If you watched the movie "The Spartans" you will get to notice that the culture of war is implemented in the child's mentality since his early years. A young kid is sent out in the forest alone and is asked to return safely back home after surviving for few days on his own.

The ideas we get exposed to shape who we are to a great extent. A hero parent usually raises a hero child, An entrepreneur usually raises an entrepreneur and so on.

But what if you were not lucky enough to be raised by the kind of parent you look up to?
the good news is that you can get programmed by many other factors other than your parents.

The beliefs you acquire, the books you read, the people you meet and the movies you watch all change the way you see the world and make you who you are today. (see also subconscious mind programming)

Why you are not the person you wanted to be

In the morning you talk to negative people and believe them.
In the noon you listen to music that promotes desperation.
In the night you watch movies that teach you how to be anything but the person you always wanted to be.

Then in the end you come and wonder why you are the way are now.

Its all about the culture you got exposed to. Start looking for real role models to follow, start to listen to music that can really make you a better person, start to watch the movies that can help you become a real hero.

Long ago they used to get inspiration from real hereoes. Today you have the internet, a tool that can replicate the culture of real heroes or make you something else, that is way far from that, depending on how you use it.

You will become the person you always wanted to be when you support your desire with a culture that helps you form new beliefs about yourself and the world.

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