How your mental state impacts your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is a mental state

I am pretty sure you already know that your mood can greatly affect your productivity and your ability to reach your goals. But do you know that your mental state can either make you successful or completely limit your potential?

Let me first define the mental state quickly. Your mental state isn't just your mood but it extends to include your perception of events, your beliefs and your thoughts about what's currently happening to you in addition to your mood.

Sadness is just an emotion but a sad mental state is a one that includes sad thoughts, negative beliefs and a faulty perception of life in addition to the bad mood.

Now that you know what a mental state is lets see how it can impact your life.

How your mental state impacts your life

During a bad event or after something wrong happens your mental state is what determines whether you will get up quickly or whether you will remain in that bad mood. When you have a negative mental state you will tend to feel more helpless and you will believe that whatever you are facing can't really be fixed.

When you start seeing the world from this angle you will lose your energy and feel much less motivated. Now as you progress with low energy you won't just miss new opportunities but you will also fail to do the important tasks you need to do in order to get out of the bad mood.

In other words your negative mental state will keep you stuck where you are unless something or someone saves you.
A positive mental state on the other hand is characterized by optimism. Yes you will acknowledge the problem and feel the pain but you will believe that there is a way out.

Once you think that way your perception of everything will change. You won't just see the problem but you will also see the possibilities or the things that can help you out.

People who have a positive mental state spot certain opportunities that others usually miss. After all you need to be tuned for the right frequency in order to be able to see certain things.

I have explained earlier how your perception of the world changes according to your emotions and of course your mental state. With the right mental state you will have the right perception needed to find a way out of your problems.

Try to change your mental state

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how so many people try to run away from their problems as soon as they happen. People usually focus on trying to end the bad moods instead of focusing on changing their mental states.

The result of such actions is remaining where they are or even feeling worse. After all pain killing is totally different than problem solving. You can kill the pain by sleeping for example but when you wake up you will have to deal with the same horrible problem.

I know that problems can be very hard and i know that life can be very harsh but you just need to do your best to change your mental state right after you are hit. For the fastest way to stand back on your feet and change what happened to you is to change your mental state.

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