I need to see a psychologist

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Not all disorders require seeing a psychologist

When someone faces an emotional or a personal problem the first thing that might come to his mind might be seeing a psychologist. While psychologists like me can help you understand yourself much more and feel better still there are some problems that can be solved on your own by referring to self help websites like 2kowmyself for example.

If you have a problem that Is currently bothering and you don’t know whether you need to see a psychologist or not just contact us and we will reply back shortly telling you whether therapy is needed or not.

I need to see a psychologist but I lack courage

Lots of people lack the required courage needed for setting up an appointment with a psychologist and so they never take this step. Moreover some people fear to disclose their personal information to the psychologist and thus give him wrong or misleading information that results in ruining the effectiveness of the therapy. People usually try to hide their personal information because:

1)It gives them a sense of security to keep their personal information private
2)They don’t trust the psychologist
3)They fear to be judged by the psychologist.

So what is the solution?
Either find a psychologist who you are comfortable with or you try services which offer phone support to those who need to see a psychologist.

I need to see a Psychologist but I don’t have enough money

Again getting help by phone will be much cheaper than seeing a psychologist. What’s really good about making a psychologist help you over the phone without actually meeting him is that you will talk freely about yourself without fearing to expose your personal information and so the psychologist will be able to give you better help.

We provide coaching services where a professional psychologist can contact you on phone wherever you are and help you solve your problems for affordable prices. Please check out our coaching page for more information.

What if i didn't talk to anyone?

Suppressing your emotions and ignoring your problems can only lead to depression. In my book The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how being indifferent can result in depression.

If you took actions to solve your problems as soon as you encountered them then you will eliminate the possibility of getting depressed.

Talking to a psychologist as soon as you sense the emotional problem is one of the things that can guarantee quick relief and faster recovery.

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