Is short man syndrome real

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do all short people feel inferior?

Short man syndrome or Napoleonic complex is a term that is often used to describe a proposed theory which states that short people might feel weak and inferior and thus are motivated to overcompensate for this perceived weakness.

But is the Short man syndrome real?
In order to answer that question we need to get back to the basics of the inferiority complex. When a person finds that he is different from others , in a bad way, then this person might feel inferior to them.

Feelings of inferiority arise from the fact that this person feels that others are better than him.
But does this mean that any person who lacks something compared to others will end up feeling inferior?
The short answer is No.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said there are many other factors involved in the dynamics of inferiority complex such as the person's own perception of this difference. If a person didn't believe that his difference makes him defective compared to others then he might not feel inferior to them.

In other words it's the perception of this difference that determines whether a person will feel inferior to others or not. See also inferiority complex from an Adlerian view.

The pressure of the society

Apart from a person's own perception there is another powerful force that can affect this perception and even override it. This factor is the pressure coming from the society the person lives in.

A short man might quickly conclude that the world favors tall men as he interacts with different people or gets exposed to their beliefs. For example the media, some studies and even the opinion of friends can make that man believe that being short is a problem. See How peer pressure affects you

Once that person develops that belief then certainly the short man syndrome will occur. In other words being short on its own doesn't result in a personality disorder unless this person learns how to see the world in a certain way.

The short man syndrome doesn't usually take that aggressive form everyone talks about but it depends on the person's personality and way of thinking. This means that some short men might aggressively try to compensate for that perceived flaw while others might never do so.

However it makes a lot of sense to assume that many short men will be unhappy with their height and this might open the door to the formation of deeper psychological problems.

Why are some short men aggressive

People who ask the previous questions usually end up asking that question as well. In my article How to analyze people's behavior i explained how the same behaviour can happen for many different reasons.

In other words it's totally wrong to assume that a short man is being digressive because he is trying to compensate for his short physical height. This behaviour could be caused by any other factor such as being subjected to lots of stress for example.

Yes short man syndrome can lead to aggression towards people but this doesn't mean that all short aggressive people suffer from that syndrome.

What to do if you are short

The most important thing you need to do if you believe you are short is to work on your own perception because as long as you have a solid healthy belief system nothing can hardly affect you.

The problem starts when you personally start to think that you are defective and not when others tell you that being tall is better. A simple rejection for example might force you to assume that you are defective and thus pave the way for the short man syndrome or any kind of inferiority complex connected to your height.

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