What is True Strength

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is True Strength

Were you born in a poor family?
Do you lack many things compared to your friends?
Do you think that if your conditions were a little better then you could have done better in life?

Do you know that Henry Ford lost his money six times? Imagine yourself losing all of your resources six times, How will you feel like? If you are unhappy because you currently lack them then think twice. The man lacked them six times and brought them back. This is true strength, which is the ability to get what you want even if life didn't treat you well.

Henry Ford’s way of thinking was based on a simple idea: I was meant to be rich. Even if you put me in difficult situations, take all my resources and make me start all over again I will still climb up to where I was meant to be. This is the true strength you should do your best to acquire.

The man didn’t just blame his luck like some of us do, he didn't think that he is a victim of life, he didn’t stop trying after the third or fourth time but he just got up again because he believed that he belongs at the top and because he was truly powerful.

The Strong is the One Who Changes the unfavorable Conditions

Who is the real strong person?
He is not the person who finds himself wealthy neither he is the one who inherited his multinational business but the strong is the one who found himself in a situation that he didn't like and decided to change it.

The strong person is the one who starts anywhere, with any amount of resources and succeeds. He is not the one who finds the conditions favorable but he is the one who challenges the unfavorable conditions and achieves his goals in spite of them.

Never blame the conditions or think that you are a victim. Don't cry because you lack the resources to achieve what you want but just challenge the fact that you lack certain resources and climb up in spite of these obstacles. This is the true strength.

Luck, success and true strength

Many people mistakenly believe that those who succeed in life are the lucky ones who found favorable chances but that's completely wrong.

If you read about success stories of any successful person you will find that he faced horrible conditions but he managed to get over them and become successful.

Of course some people are more lucky because they had a better starting point but this doesn't mean that a person who had an unfavorable starting point can't succeed.

Life is full of stories of people who began from scratch and who achieved great success.
So in short, the starting point might differ but the end point is up to you.

True strength is all about managing to reach the end point you desire even if your starting point was not good.

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