How to Become More Poweful Inside Your Organization

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Need for Power Inside Your Organization

With the increasing number of firms downsizing their operations and with the increasing number of lay offs some of us may begin to feel insecure in their jobs.

This is perfectly understandable, after all, how can you relax and enjoy your life while the threat of losing your job is always there.

That’s where the need for some kind of power inside your organization comes in. If you managed to get some kind of power that enables you to avoid being laid off or at least keep that possibility to a minimum then your feelings of insecurity will disappear.

Gaining Power Inside Your Organization

The term "Power" has hundreds of definitions. That's why i must tell you what i mean by the word power in order to make sure that you get me correctly. What I mean by collecting power inside your organization is adopting additional resources and abilities that make you irreplaceable inside your organization.

The following are a few things you can do to increase your power inside your firm, even if you're only a junior employee:

  • Bypassing your direct manager: Some people tend to isolate themselves entirely from their workmates by limiting their relations and contacts to their direct managers only. But what will happen if a problem happened between you and your direct manager? Unless you have some contact with higher management you will be completely helpless and cut-off from the rest of the company.

    I am sure that throughout your career as an employee you had many chances to increase your contact with the top management. If you've wasted such chances then wait for the next ones and take advantage of them as soon as they appear. Form a stronger relationship with your company's managing executives and you will become more powerful.

  • Areas that people avoid: In a lot of jobs there are one or more areas that people generally tend to avoid because of their complexity or difficulty. Very few people know much about these areas. This can be your path to becoming very powerful in your organization. By learning what others don’t know and by mastering what others can hardly handle you will definitely be regarded as an important person.
  • Connecting with customers: If you deal directly with customers then there's nothing better than having good direct relations with them. The better your relations with the customers the more powerful you will become. If you work for a small company you may become even more powerful as a result of such connections
  • The power of knowledge: The more you know the better you can perform your job and the more important you will become. Knowledge is not just limited to the company’s in-depth secrets but it can even include something as simple as knowing the rules and regulations inside your company so that you don't give anybody the power to control you without having any right to do that. Get deep knowledge of everything inside your organization and you will become much more powerful than others.
  • Qualifications: If you work in an information technology firm or a company that depends largely on the skills and certificates of its workers then you could simply increase your power by attending more courses that are related to your company's field of work.

Avoiding Lay-offs

Just as you saw you can be a junior salesman who is as powerful as one of your direct managers. It all depends on your ability to collect as much power inside your organization as you can. Consequently, this will reduce the possibility of laying you off and might even eliminate it completely.

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