3 Reasons players are mentally unstable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

So you fell for a player?

Did you fall for a player?
Did that person lure you, got you attached then suddenly left?
Are you suffering from the consequences and wondering why you were suddenly dumped?

Well, i have good news for you.
There is nothing wrong with you and that person is mentally unstable.

Wondering why am saying so?
Let's examine the minds of players together.

3 Reasons players are mentally unstable

  • 1) Players feel worthless: Every human being strives to feel worthy. Some people do it by becoming successful at their careers, others do it by doing something useful for their family or country while a third group does it by achieving certain important goals. Now what if someone always believed that he is worthless no matter what he did, what is he likely to do? That person will very likely keep repeating certain useless actions over and over in order to feel good about himself. One of those actions could be attracting people to him. But because that person always feels worthless he will live his life repeating the same cycle of attracting new people to him over and over (see also The psychology of players)
  • 2) Players need approval: You might think that players are extremely confident but you are wrong. Self confidence isn't just about appearance or charm but it's about believing that you can face the life problems that matter to you. While some players might feel confident about their looks or hunting skills there is a part inside them that longs for approval and that's why they never have enough. A normal person would feel good when someone likes him but a player will always keep wanting more approval because he lacks a great deal of confidence.
  • 3) Players feel empty: When people strive for their important goals or believe they are living meaningful lives they find a lot of satisfaction in life. Because many players feel empty they go for cheap victories that can bring them instant mood improvements. But because this emptiness never ends players dump the ones who like them and go on a hunt for others to feed that never ending emptiness

People repeat the same behavior when they get no results

When you feel hungry don't you grab something to eat?
Now what do you do when you feel full?
Certainly you stop eating and might even feel like you can't look at food.

Now because players are always hungry for approval they never feel full. Normal people feel full after making a certain achievement but players never do.

They just get an instant self confidence boost that fades away very shortly and leaves them back with their self doubts and emptiness.

Long story short, if you were a victim of a player then you shouldn't feel down or bad.
You should instead feel bad for that player.

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