Why Did God Abandon Me?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

God Abandoned Me

Do you think that God left you? I know that you may be experiencing a very bad mood now and I know that everything in your life may seem to be so dark but it’s time to ask yourself one question: is this really the truth, or is it just your incorrect perception that led you to think that God has left you?

Lack of Patience

Some people start to think that God abandoned them as soon as they experience a hard time. The moment bad things start to happen they blame God for them. But just think of it, what if this was intended to be a short down time followed by many good things?

What if God wanted to get you closer to him and so decided to send you some problems for few months? If you were just patient enough you would have discovered that this was intended to be a temporary period. What makes you think that god abandoned you is that you think that these problems are going to last forever!!

Be patient and don’t just think that you were abandoned few weeks or months after facing some problems because if those few months passed and then you discovered that things have changed to the better you will feel so embarrassed because you had such thoughts about God's deeds.

What if this Was Better for You?

Joe was facing a real hard time. This month he lost his job and had a car accident that totaled his car. The only explanation he found for what’s happening was that God has abandoned him.

This is what happened from Joe’s perspective but when looking at what was actually happening things seem to be so different. The day Joe had the accident there was a robber waiting at the place he was going to in order to steal his car. This dangerous criminal was intending to kill the person he is going to rob and if Joe hadn't had the accident it would've been him! This means that Joe's accident was actually a stroke of luck! The accident totaled his car but saved his life.

Joe was feeling broken because he lost his job and had no other choice but to search for a new job. Few weeks later he found a higher paying job. Something he would never have found if he didn't lose his old job. His insecurity after losing his first job motivated him to find another job that turned out to be even better.

I could give you hundreds of similar examples but the moral would be the same: what if God was doing the better for you? It's just your lack of knowledge that‘s making you think that God left you while the truth is that God may be doing the best for you.

When we lose faith our subconscious minds demand solid proofs that supports our old beliefs. If we didn't manage to provide these beliefs we might lose faith forever.In my book "I Saw God" i explained how can scientific facts can provide these solid proofs to your mind.

If your belief in God was shaken then start to search for scientific facts that proves that we were created. These are the most powerful evidences you can provide to yourself and to others for proving God's existence.

Why Doesn’t God Help Me Without Pain?

After reading the previous section you may think of a question like “If God’s intention was to make my life better then why don’t good things just happen to me without suffering?”

Why didn’t Joe simply decide not to go out that day instead of having a car accident? Why didn’t he meet a friend who told him about the new company and convinced him to apply there without losing his first job?

The answer is simple: God might want to bring you closer to him. He may be testing your faith or he may want you to develop empathy for others who suffer. There are hundreds of explanations for that but the only incorrect one is that he left you.

The book "I Saw God" was released by 2knowmyself, The book provides scientific evidence that prove the existence of god, with levels of probabilities that are not subject to debate or revision. The facts are crystal clear and 100% scientific; after knowing these facts, you'll come to the conclusion that there is no other possibility other than the presence of a mighty creator who planned this all.

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Still thinking that you were abandoned?

I started to have doubts about God's existence.

Everything around me proves that God is not helping me.

I guess my religious beliefs were shaken. What can I do?

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