Signs Of Self Confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lack of Self Confidence Signs

In a previous article entitled five signs that show lack of self confidence I talked about signs that could reveal lack of self confidence. In this article, I am going to talk about signs that show that you are self confident.

By knowing those signs and by showing them people will think that you are self confident even if you were not. After all It’s the impression you leave that matters and not reality.

Self Confidence Signs

  • Confidence Body language: Each posture or position you take leaves a certain impression in the viewer’s mind and that’s why sticking to self confidence postures and body language will make others think that you are confident. Clasping your hand in front of your stomach, putting your hands behind your back, straight back, making your finger tips touch and walking with wide steps are all signs of self confidence. For more information on the body language of self confidence and for illustrated diagrams see this link.
  • Confident People Are Relaxed: Confident people are relaxed, they dont become anxious when being with others. They don’t bite their finger nails and they don’t fidget. This doesn’t mean that people who aren’t relaxed aren’t self confident but it means that you can’t both feel confident and anxious in the same time. If you want to hide your feelings of anxiety then read about the body language of anxiety so that you could control the impression others form of you
  • Remain Calm when being criticized: Confident people accept criticism with a smile. They don’t lose their temper when somebody challenges their competency and sometimes they don’t even bother to defend themselves when being criticized.
  • Hyperactivity: Its not a general rule but in many cases confident people are hyperactive and this happens because lack of confidence forces the person to retreat to the rear lines not to be noticed.
  • Assertiveness: Clear tone of voice, well structured phrases, assertive body language are all clear signs of self confidence. Fortunately, assertiveness is a skill that can be learned. If you want to learn how to become assertive just check out this guide. Assertiveness won't only make you feel self confident but it can also prevent depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how assertiveness can help you channel your emotions correctly and so prevent suppressed emotions that usually lead to depression.

Final Words on Self Confidence

I believe in the "fake it until you make it approach", but in order to build solid self confidence, you cant depend on it alone. That’s why I strongly recommend using these signs to appear to be confident while in the same time, working on building your self confidence.

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