The difference between dreamers and doers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I will achieve all my goals this year

'I will start a business this year. I will also go to the gym 5 times a week. And i will read tens of books. I already bought some of them. You will want to see the amazing collection i got. I am very excited about this year. I am pretty sure i will achieve so much.'

One year passed and nothing happened.

I am pretty sure you know at least one person who keeps setting plans but gets nothing done. Those people set goals, make schedules, write plans and even buy the needed stuff to reach their goals then simply abandon them.

Those people aren't the minority for i personally believe they are the majority. Those people might be smart, hard workers and even more intelligent than some of the people who get things things done.

So what's the problem here?
And why are those people dreamers while others are doers?

The psychology of motivation

I have spoken about the psychology of motivation in many of my previous articles so i will just give a quick overview here. We feel like doing something when we have a compelling reason to do it. This reason can either be conscious ,such as believing you gained a lot of weight and so you need to exercise, or unconscious such as wanting to do something without fully understanding the reason.

However motivation isn't that simple for in many cases there are also conflicting goals inside the minds. Those conflicting goals can be conscious such as not wanting to go to the gym because you are tired or unconscious such as wanting to smoke to feel in control. See also why do people smoke cigarettes.

So when you think of doing a task you might actually have two different motives, A one that wants you to complete the task and a one that doesn't want you to do so. Conscious conflicting motivates aren't usually a problem for a person usually knows exactly what's stopping him and so with some will power he can deal with them.

So if your problem is that you are feeling lazy or that you don't want to do much effort then simple solutions such as building self decline will certainly work for you.

The problem with unconscious motives

The problem with unconscious motivates is that the person isn't usually aware of them and this is why he never knows why he stops pursuing his goals.

In order to show you how complicated unconscious motives can be let me give you an example. Joe was raised by an authoritarian parent. His father used to scold him whenever he did anything wrong. Joe always feared his father and always wanted to avoid punishment.

His subconscious mind found him a great way to do so. By preventing him from ever completing a task Joe can escape from responsibility and in turn the punishment.

When Joe grew up and lived alone that unconscious motive remained there and that's why it prevented him from ever completing a task even though he had enough reason to do it. In short when you find yourself procrastinating all of the time you need to visit your unconscious motivates to find out what's going on.

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