4 Reasons some people talk a lot but get nothing done

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some people suddenly lose enthusiasm?

We all have that friend who keeps talking about his plans all day and night then suddenly and abruptly stops and does nothing about them. I personally suffered a lot because of hiring people who seemed so enthusiastic only to find them doing nothing when they start working.

A person who is not motivated at all isn't puzzling. After all that person's attitude is always the same but the one who gets motivated one day then loses motivation the next day confuses a lot of people especially the ones who work with them.

It's not uncommon for a person to join a start up full of enthusiasm and ideas then few days later he stops delivering and keeps coming up with tens of excuses.

Why do some people talk a lot but get nothing done

In my previous article 7 reasons you lose motivation after getting started i talked about some causes for sudden loss of enthusiasm such as loss of faith in plans, development of negative beliefs and impatience. But the case here is very different because the people who always talk and do nothing seem to always have the same attitude no matter what the prospects for the business are.

So why do some people talk a lot but get nothing done?
Here are some possible reasons:

  • 1) They just wanted in: So many people want to join Start-ups or land jobs just to be a part of something. The day those people join their mission ends and they find no reason to keep moving forward
  • 2) They need a job for psychological reasons: Those people could be looking for a job to feel good about themselves, to not feel different than their friends who work or to gain more self esteem. In other words the psychological need is met the moment those people land their jobs
  • 3) They are hesitant: Contrary to common beliefs hesitation doesn't only happen on the conscious level but it happens on the unconscious level too. A person's mind can get him trapped in the vicious circle of excitement then loss of motivation just to prevent him from ever taking a forward step.
  • 4) Not really passionate about the job: People who aren't passionate about a job or a project will keep giving excuses for under-performing. Had those people seen the vision and believed in it they would have never came up with excuses

How to spot those people

Unfortunately you won't be able to spot those people before you take a look at their past actions. Did they start things then quit them days later? Did they land jobs then stopped delivering few weeks later?

Did those people talk about new ideas so many times but never put them in execution?
In my article Predicting behavior from actions in the past i explained how you can easily detect a person's future actions by taking a look at a his past behavior.

So what can you do when you find that someone talks a lot but does nothing?
Avoid working with that person unless he proves that he changed.

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