The meaning of dreams teeth falling out

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The meaning of dreams teeth falling out

What does it mean when you see your teeth falling out in a dream?
Lets suppose that you love orange juice and that a friend of yours hates orange juice. If you both saw yourselves drinking orange juice in your dreams will both dreams have the same meaning?

Certainly no because the symbol ,which is orange juice in this case, will have a different meaning depending on the person who saw it. So if both you and your friend saw your teeth falling out in a dream then this doesn't mean that both dreams have the same meaning.

One of the biggest mistakes people do when they try to interpret dreams is that they assume that symbols have universal meanings while in fact this is completely wrong as the symbols must be interpreted according to the person's beliefs about the symbols.

So if that's the case, how can you understand the meaning of teeth falling out in a dream?

What can a dream about falling teeth possibly mean

When your teeth fall out in a dream you must compare this dream to the recent life events that happened to you. Certainly in real life no one would like his teeth to fall and if it happened then it can be a sign of weakness or aging.

Now when it comes to the dream your subconscious mind might my be telling you that you are becoming weak (or at least it thinks so)

I had that dream once in my life, that was when i thought that my business was slowing down and that it was on its way to disappear.

For me my business represented my power as it was my source of income and so when i slept that day i saw my teeth shaking and were about to fall.

Seeing your teeth falling vs seeing your teeth shaking

If you saw your teeth falling out then this is an indication that you believe that the bad thing you are afraid of has already happened while if you saw your teeth about to fall then this means that you believe that something bad is about to happen.

For example if you lost your job you might dream that your teeth are falling out but if you were about to lose your job (or at least you believe so) the you might see your teeth shaking and about to fall in a dream.

What dreams really are

Dreams in most cases are reflections of our worries, fears and our emotions in general. For example if you were worried about something then you might see yourself missing the exam in a dream.

When your teeth falls in a dream then this might be a representation of the weak state you believe you reached recently.

Don't let someone fool you by giving you incorrect information about dreams. For example some people will quickly tell you that seeing your teeth falling out in a dream is an indication that your family members will die.

From a scientific point of view that makes no sense at all because dreams can never be understood before you compare them to your own belief system, to the recent life events that happened to you and to your emotions.

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