Why ambitious people suffer more than everyone else

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Ambition is great but

Ambition is a great trait. Not only does it get a lot of praise from almost everyone but it also gives a person a burning desire to achieve more in life as long as he breaths. Ambition is an infinite source of energy that keeps a person motivated throughout his life and a one that pushes him to make great achievements.

But nothing comes free of charge. Ambitious people are among the ones who suffer the most as a result of their ambition. Ambition is a great powerful force and because this force is powerful it can result in serious damage if it backfired.

Let's examine what's happening inside the mind of an ambitious person in order to realize how his ambition can turn into suffering.

A typical ambitious person would want to achieve more than the people surrounding him. As a result , without conscious intention, this person will keep comparing himself to others all the time.

While all people , without exception, compare themselves to others an ambitious person would feel a burning desire to be like or even be better than those people. Until here there is nothing wrong with that but the problems start to happen when that ambitious person starts facing serious obstacles. See also why some people are so ambitious.

When things go wrong for ambitious people

When ambitious people fail to reach their goals they get very frustrated. This frustration is the first factor that contributes to their bad moods. Yes a typical ambitious person would fight back and even achieve his goals but this kind of frustration might make him a little bit unhappy.

The second problem that ambitious people face is their dissatisfaction with many of the things they have. After all ambition is all about wanting more than you currently have. A typical ambitious person could have more than many of his friends yet still feel unhappy because he hasn't fulfilled his ambition yet.

The problem with human beings is that their perception of things determine their levels of happiness. An ambitious person for example could be driving an awesome car yet feeling unhappy because he doesn't have a Ferrari.

Of course not all ambitious people think this way but what's common among them is that they can feel unhappy even if they have what others might be dying for.

The Race that never ends

Ambitious people are constantly in a race to achieve more in life. Yes some of them reach total satisfaction after realizing their dreams but others keep fighting to become the best in a journey that never seems to end.

This puts a lot of pressure on the ambitious person. Most ambitious people , who truly work to reach their goals, can hardly enjoy life or relax because they feel that they have an important mission that must be fulfilled first.

Type A's are a perfect example of extremely ambitious people. Those people usually deprive themselves of many things in order to fulfill their missions. If those people were lucky enough to reach their goals fast they might relax a bit but usually they spend years and years living under extreme conditions just to reach their goals.

Learn how to have fun

If you are an ambitious person then this is a great thing but you also need to learn how to have fun, how to enjoy life and how to take breaks. Ambition is a great trait but if you misused the energy of ambition your life will become truly miserable and the great trait you have will become the reason you will live an unhappy life.

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