Why did he dump me? Why did he leave me?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why did he dump me?

Certainly you are going to feel really bad after someone dumps you if you believe that being dumped means that you are not that good. Contrary to common beliefs, the factor that contributes most to the bad feelings you get after being dumped is not your love towards the person but its being unsure of yourself. Its not love that hurts when someone dumps you but its your ego that hurts.

Suppose that you were dumped by a person then discovered that he did it because he thought that you deserve someone better than him, would you feel that bad?

No, you won’t feel bad at all because you will be sure this time that you weren’t dumped because of a problem that is related to your looks or your personality.

I am not saying that love carries no weight when it comes to feeling bad after being dumped but I am only pointing out that there are other psychological factors that have much higher weight than love and by dealing with these psychological factors you will be able to recover within days from the worst break-up ever.

Why did he leave me?

The reason you are asking yourself that question is that you are uncertain about the reason. I am sure that you already have some possibilities in your mind like:

1-he left me because I became a boring person
2-maybe he never loved me before, it was just an illusion (see signs of serious relationships)
3-he dumped me because I am not that beautiful

The reason you have these possibilities in your mind is that you are not sure yet of your strengths and weaknesses. If you knew your points of strength and points of weaknesses well your confidence won’t be shaken when someone dumps you.

Self confidence and being dumped

If I told you that the device you are currently using to browse the internet is not a computer but a helicopter, will you believe me? No you will never believe me because you know that it’s a computer.

Now what if you never saw a computer before? What if it was the first time you see it and then I told that it’s a helicopter? In this case you are going to believe me because you have no other information about it.

The same goes for your personality, if you know yourself well, nothing will be able to shake your self confidence even if someone dumped you.

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