He dumped me i want him back

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

he dumped me i & want him back

Got dumped? It feels bad right? After all you loved him much and maybe you even think that he was the one. I know it hurts to be dumped, but, do you know why it hurts?

There are lots of reasons but most of them are not related to loving him at all!!!!!

This may sound weird but it sounds so because you don't have enough knowledge about the psychology of falling in love. After reading this article you will discover that the real reason for feeling bad after being dumped is not that you loved the other person but rather because of many other factors.

Reasons for Feeling Bad after Being Dumped

The following are the real reasons for feeling bad after getting dumped.

Most people don’t know about them and that’s why they just relate the pain they feel after being dumped to the loss of the person who dumped them.

  • Your Self Confidence was shaken: After he dumped her she went to the mirror and she started to look for any recent changes in her looks. She also tried to recheck her weight to see if she gained some extra pounds lately. The reason she is double checking herself is that she lacks self confidence. She wants to know why he dumped her but she has no clue. If she made sure that he dumped her because of a reason that is not related to her looks she may not feel that bad after getting dumped. To summarize this point, one of the reasons you feel bad after being dumped is because your self confidence was shaken and not because you loved that person.
  • Ego Issues: What will others think of me? Will they tell each other that he dumped me because of so and so? What will my enemies think of me? People who don’t like me will definitely keep talking about what happened behind my back. That’s really embarrassing. One of the main reasons people feel down after being dumped is being afraid of what people might say about them. Again,that's another reason that has no relation to loving the person who dumped you!!
  • Loss of a good Pain Killer: if you are like many people who use relationships as a way to escape from facing their real life problems then being dumped will usually be like returning to the painful reality. You were using love to escape from your bad feelings (that were caused by your unsolved life problems) but when love was gone the shield was broken and you found yourself facing your old problems again. One of the main reasons people feel bad after being dumped is that they were dependent on the their relationship to feel good which is something that is far away from being healthy.
  • Worries about the Future: will I be able to get over him? Will I be able to be financially independent? No one knows and that’s why she felt bad after she got dumped. If she was certain about her future she would have felt much less bad after she got dumped. In my book “How to get over someone in few days” i covered all of these points in addition to mentioning over 25 techniques that can help you easily get over anyone in the world in a very short period of time. Make sure you take a look at the book if you were having any problems getting over someone.
  • Loss of A good source of Intimacy: because it was an unhealthy relationship her relationship with her old friends weakened after she knew him and as a result he became her only source of intimacy. That’s why she felt lonely when he dumped her, not because she loved him, but because he was the only available source for intimacy

Final Words about Being Dumped

Yes you may have loved that person but if the pain you feel now is 100% then 90% of this pain may be the result of other factors that are not related to loving the person who dumped you!!

So if you fixed those personal problems then getting dumped will never affect you like before and you wont feel that bad if someone dumped you.

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