Why do some people act childish

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Understanding the grown up child

Why do some people act childish?
Why do some people fail to adhere to the rules most adults adhere to?

The first thing you need to do to know the answer to that question is to change the question. Yes some people might do behaviors associated with little children but our failure to understand those adults have made us call them childish.

Of course that child like behaviour can be very annoying to a mature person but it can only be understood when the psychological goals of that person are examined.

In my previous articles i said that we label people with words such as Crazy, childish or mad just because we can't really understand them. This doesn't mean that those people are right but it only means that we need to look at the real motives behind their behaviors so that we can understand them.

The story of Jake

Jake was a young man. He loved pranks so much that he used to overdo them. In more than one occasion Jake did pranks that resulted in serious emotional pain to some of his friends. Jake once told one of his friends that one of his relatives died only to realize , after being shocked, that it was a prank.

Now for any bystander Jake seems like a childish person who didn't grow up but the problem is much deeper. Jake was raised by a very tough mother who kept criticizing him all the time.

Jake had to live in pain for so many years because his ego was seriously hurt as his mother kept making him feel worthless all the time. Jake's unconscious mind decided to help him by turning him into a narcissist.

I have said earlier that many people become narcissists in order to prevent further hurting of their Egos by devaluing any person who doubts their competence.

As a result a part of Jake didn't really care about the suffering of others as he lacked empathy. Jack still had the problem of inferiority so he wanted a way to put others down to feel better about himself.

Jack became more of a racist who always made fun of people who were different than him. Jake specifically liked to do his pranks on Black people. This gave him the the satisfaction he was looking for , as he put a whole race down, in addition to allowing him to feel superior. See why some people discriminate against blacks.

It's a problem of understanding

Jake isn't a child who didn't grow up but he is a racist and a narcissist. Because his friends didn't really understand him they believed he was just acting childish.

Of course this was just one story and behind every childish behaviour you will find a similar story. I am not trying to tell you that people who act childish are mentally ill but i am just making it clear that people who act childish usually have very important psychological goals, that no one understands, that they are trying to reach.

So what's the soloution to dealing with childish people?
More understanding. Once you get more understanding of those people you won't only be able to handle them but you might be able to help them out.

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