Why do some people believe everybody is plotting against them

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people acquire unrealistic beliefs

Why Don't all people have the same beliefs about things?
Why would a person have an irrational belief about something?
Why do some people go far with their irrational beliefs?

The answer to this question is simple. If all people were to look at the same thing each person will see that thing in a different way because of his own unique perception. Our perception of events is very plastic, two people can go through the same situation yet see totally different things.

If a person didn't say hi to you and one of your friends then both of you might interpret the event in totally different way. But the important question here is, why do we have different perceptions?

Don't we have the same brains?
yes we do have the same brains but we have different goals. Each person has his own unique set of unconscious goals that don't just affect his behavior but that also change his perception. See also how your beliefs and concerns affect your perception.

In other words a person's perception of events is there to serve his important goals. Do you know what does this mean? It means that people don't really see what's going on but they just see their own unique version of reality according to their own interpretation which is biased to serve their own goals. See how your eyes can deceive you.

Why do some people believe everybody is plotting against them

So why do some people believe that everybody is plotting against them?
Of course any sane person will realize that the whole world can't plot against a person but for some people things seem that way because they have important goals in mind that they want to reach.

The most famous case is the case where a person who feels worthless wants to prove that he is worthy. In such a case that person works on elevating his own importance by believing that everyone is plotting against him. See why people twist the facts to support their beliefs.

Another famous case is when a person wants to run away from responsibility or when he can't admit that he made a mistake. In such a case that person uses the 'everybody is plotting against me' excuse to explain why things didn't work for him.

The problem with those people is that they don't have enough courage to admit the truth and that's why their brains alter their perception to let them see a different version of reality that suits them. See Why do people develop false beliefs.

Why those beliefs are usually too strong

If you tried to talk to any of those people or tried to help them by pointing out that they are just imagining things they will fiercely resist you. In some cases those people can even believe that you are plotting against them as well.

But why would a person defend a false belief with all the powers he got?
Simply because those false beliefs help that person maintain his own psychological stability. Without those beliefs that person would have to face tremendous pain and confusion. See why people act irrational.

In such a case your attempt to convince the person that he has false beliefs is the same as trying to convince him that he is worthless or that he is responsible for his own failures. This is why those people resist the ones who try to convince them that they are wrong.

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