Why are so many people irrational (Psychological analysis)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Bassem Youssef, Jon stuart and the MB

Bassem Youssef is the Egyptian Jon Stewart. The guy runs a very similar show to the one John stuart runs but his audience are located in the Arab world.

Since late 2012 Egyptians got divided into two parties "The Muslim brotherhood supporters" (ill call them MB) and the anti MB. Bassem youssef started to become really popular at a time where the MB were governing Egypt.

Just like Jon Bassem always bombarded the MB party with sarcasm, jokes and criticism.

During that time this was the opinion of the anti MB part of Bassem's Show:

  • 1) Freedom of speech: Bassem is a perfect example of freedom of speech and democracy at its peak
  • 2) Its OK to make fun of others: Its totally OK to make fun of others as long as he is joking
  • 3) If you are against Bassem you are against democracy: Pretty clear one

The jelly principles

After one year of the MB's rule the party were forced to give up on the goverment and the army took over the country. All those who were anti MB became passionate followers of the army.

Few month later when Bassem appeared and started making fun of the army (as he always used to do) the same exact people who previously said that whomever is against Bassem is against democracy changed their views and went to the streets to protest against the guy asking the goverment to stop him show!

Here is their opinion after he made fun of one of the prominent army leaders:

  • 1) Freedom of speech has limits:: Bassem has exceeded all the limits freedom of speech allows
  • 2) Its Not OK to make fun of others: Its not ok to make fun of others that way. He needs to be more polite
  • 3) Bassem's show must stop: Pretty clear one

What's even funnier is that the same exact people who are supporting the army now were the ones who protested against the army in 2011 when it was in control of the country.

Just as you noticed so many people had Jelly values (values that change their shape according to what's happening). (see also Why do people change their opinions)

Why are so many people irrational

So why would someone ,who few month ago, believed in something strongly goes against it completely?

Here are few facts you need to understand about the way the human mind works:

  • 1) Intelligence has nothing to do with Education: Most of the people who changed their opinion that way were educated people but because intelligence has nothing to do with education the education those people got didn't help them think rationally (see also Why is the opinion of the majority a poor guide)
  • 2) People lie to themselves to support their beliefs: Human beings are masters of self deception. People can lie to themselves just to prove their current beliefs true even if the lies went against what they believed in few month ago
  • 3) People Put down who goes against them : I am sure that if you were one of the people who changed their opinion that way then you are now looking for anything that can help you prove that i am not qualified enough to write this post. Again you are trying to find another lie to help yourself believe the initial lie you created (see also Self deception examples)
  • 4) Real intelligence is about understanding your mind: Had any of those people noticed the changes that happened to his thoughts on a closer level he would have understood that he needs to do a lot of effort in order to become really smart. A key stone of smartness is being able to understand the way your mind works and prevent it from twisting the facts you come across (see also How do people twist the facts to support their beliefs)
  • 5) Double standards are totally OK: People won't mind to have double standards as long as their new opinions support their already new beliefs (see also why do people stick to their incorrect opinions

As you just saw many human beings are anything but smart. And the best way to deal with someone who thinks that way is to show him the mirror, or in other words, to send him that article!

As for my personal opinion, i am and i have always been against Bassem's show for making fun of someone on TV is anything but ethical (according to my own point of view)

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