10 killer ways to silence bullies and sarcastic people forever

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.


2knowmyself is against violence, verbal assaults or any kind of harm to humanity however in some cases you might find yourself in a situation where you need to stop a bully or a sarcastic person at any cost.

I am sure you have at least been once in the situation where a bully that you barley know made fun of you in front of complete strangers. In such a case you won't only feel bad about yourself but your self esteem might get affected as well.

By learning how to stop those people you won't just be able to give bullies a lesson but you will also feel more confident around strangers.

10 ways to silence bullies and sarcastic people

  • 1) Never give excuses: So the bully just made fun of your shirt? Don't ever think about giving excuses for he will attack you again before you even complete the first excuse. Just don't mention anything related to what he pointed out about you and focus on the counter attacks
  • 2) The reality bites counter attack: After being bullied you can say something like "I know you are desperate for attention, but couldn't you find any other way to get it apart from bullying people?"
  • 3) The psychological disorder counter attack: "I know a guy like you who used to make fun of people in order to elevate his self worth because he found no better way to do it"
  • 4) The self esteem test counter attack: The bully: where have you found that funny looking shirt? You: My shirt is nothing compared to hair style, tell me more about it?
  • 5) The public humiliation counter attack: "Guys this guy's name is Nick and he is desperate to get recognized, now you know his name, please clap your hands for nick. See nick? now you are a celebrity:)"
  • 6) Never be aggressive: When you reply in an aggressive way people will blame you even if the bully was the one who started it. You need to say a reply that bears 2 meanings so that you confuse the bully even more and prevent him from choosing the right words
  • 7) The cheap victory counter attack: "You know what, instead of directing your anger towards me you should have solved your life problems that made you that angry and sarcastic person"
  • 8)Always be alert: Especially when meeting new groups of people. There will always be that mean guy in between them. Being always ready will prevent you from acting clumsy when someone attacks you all of a sudden
  • 9) The ego crushing counter attack: Once the guy turns defensive or starts defending himself in a way or another laugh then walk away or say something like "hahaha, you made my day"
  • 10) Leave when he gets angry: Always leave when the person becomes emotionally charged. By doing so he will have a hard time forgetting what happened and he will think twice before attacking you again

This should never be your default strategy

The decision to silence someone that way should never be your first choice. Try all other methods first and if they all failed you can then start using these methods.

These methods are based on the reverse engineering of the human psychology and as a result some of them might leave more damage than you can think.

Responding to someone that way might severely damage his self confidence so make sure you only use these techniques when you have no other choice or when the attacker really deserves them.

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