How your eyes can deceive you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How psychological problems develop

The formation of any limiting belief problem usually happens as follows: First you develop a belief that you are not sure of because you have nothing to prove it right (for example, people hate me because i am boring)

The second step is proof collection where you keep collecting evidence to proof that belief true. A person yawning while you talk, a friend not calling back and an unexplained look on the face of a person you barely know can all be interpreted as proofs that show that you are boring.

As the time passes you keep collecting more proofs until this belief becomes a fact of your life. But the important question i am here to ask you to today is, Are you sure that proof collection process was done right?

Yes i know you saw many signs that proof your theory true but are you sure you interpreted these signs correctly? Couldn't there by any errors that happened during the process?

Do you believe your perception is 100% accurate?

How your eyes can deceive you

Do you think the lines in this image are straight or crooked?

In fact they are straight but you only saw them crooked because the squares present in the image affected your perception. In other words your perception is not always constant but there are other factors that can change it.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your beliefs, emotions, mental state and environment can all change the way you perceive things and let you see the world differently.

If you believe that you are boring then your nervous system will become hyper sensitive to any signals that might proof that you are boring and in such a case you are very likley to see what doesn't exist. (see How your beliefs change your perpection)

Here is another example. If you focused on this image and tried to see a lion you will see one lying on the ground now if you focused on seeing a palm you will see one instead of a lion.

In other words, your perception always lets you see what you are focused on. If there is a powerful belief that exists in your brain then you will find hundreds of proofs to support it even if it wasn't true. (see Why do people see the world differenly)

How to fix perception errors

  • 1) Awareness: Becoming aware of the existence of such errors is the first step to eliminating them. Even if you have doubts that your beliefs might be wrong still these doubts will be enough to make you aware of the existence of other possibilities (see also How perception affects behaviour)
  • 2) Consciously reminding yourself of the correct facts: Did you conclude that people doesn't love you because no one called you back? Its time to ask yourself why you made such a connection and to show yourself that there are other possibilities that you ignored just because you were to focused on one belief (see How to change limiting beliefs)
  • 3) Commitment: The process of changing a negative belief takes some time and doesn't happen in a week or two. By committing to step 2 the belief will weaken on its own and disappear

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