Why do we become passionate about different things

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Passion and success

Whenever people talk about success they usually mention passion. Many of the most successful people , such as Steve jobs, have highlighted the importance of finding one's passion in life.

But why is passion found not developed?
And why do we become passionate about totally different things?
Why do you care about art while your friend finds it boring or why might the opposite be true?

Let's begin first by defining passion. Passion is the good feeling you get when doing something that appeals to you. This thing could be a hobby, a habit or even your own work.

Most people find themselves passionate about things without really realizing why they are passionate about those things. Others spend lots of time trying to find their passion but some of them never succeed.

By understanding the source of passion you will easily be able to find your passion as you will know where to look. You might also be able to find more things that you are passionate about.

The Puzzle theory

Am pretty sure you have seen two pieces of puzzle fitting together before. Those two pieces fit together because they completed each other perfectly. The same exactly happens with passion, let me explain how it happens.

As we keep experiencing different things in life we tend to develop needs, wants and desires. Because each person gets subjected to different situations , even identical twins, each person's personality becomes like a unique piece of puzzle.

Now as the person tries the different activities in life he finds many of them not fitting with his personality and needs perfectly. By as the person comes across the one thing that results in a perfect match the person's subconscious mind realizes that this thing is important and so the person experiences what we know as passion. See also how passion leads to success.

So the person who likes to draw for example has certain needs and personality traits that make him feel complete when he draws. That person's psychological needs are somehow met by drawing and so he feels good about it.

This is why so many of the people who found their passion in life say that they want to do what they love even if they weren't going to get paid for it.

Why i had passion for computers

I was always passionate about computers and the internet but i only understood the reasons later on. I was an introvert during my teen years and so i loved the fact that the computer can help me spend great time alone. In addition to that i was able to chat with friends online whenever i wanted so i found my social need satisfied in a way that doesn't overwhelm me.

The computer helped me live in my own world where i was a master of everything. The self esteem boost i used to get when i found myself working with programs perfectly has made me love computers more. Also on the unconscious level i somehow connected using a computer to being smart so i loved the fact that i would seem like a smart person.

All of those factors, in addition to many others, have contributed to creating my passion towards computers and the internet. Just as you can see passion isn't usually the result of a single reason but it's the combination of so many things that usually take place on the unconscious level.

Based on all of those facts you should have concluded that a basic part of finding your passion is gaining more self understanding. When you unfold your deep desires, the unconscious needs and your own unique personalty you will easily know where to look in order to find your passion.

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