Why do women like men who lift heavy weights

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do women like men who lift heavy weights?

I love to exercise. I go to the gym since i was a teen. As you get used to a certain environment and as you keep going to a certain place for years you tend to make many observations and conclusions about the place.

I always believed that women will hardly pay attention to a man just because he is lifting heavy weights but as i kept observing the gym's environment more and more i realized few interesting things about that matter.

I have noticed that women send more body language attraction signals to men who lift heavier weights. Of course this doesn't mean that it's a general rule that lifting heavy would attract a woman but it only shows that women do care ,to a certain extent, about a man's ability to lift heavy weights.

But how can this make sense?
After all when it comes to choosing a life partner woman usually use more complex criteria to evaluate men, so how can something that seems superficial such as lifting heavy weights can influence a woman's decision?

In this article i will explain why this happens. See also How do women choose their mates.

Why this happens

In my book The psychology of attraction explained i said that women are biologically wired to look for the strong and protective man. Because women understand that a strong man can protect them and protect their offspring they tend to get attracted to men who show signs of masculinity. See do women really like muscular men

When a woman sees a man lifting heavy weights she actually makes lots of conclusions about that man. The first conclusion that woman makes is that this man is strong. When a woman believes that a man is strong she starts to believe that this man can be a good protector.

In addition to that lifting weights requires a lot of will power since the man won't always be in the mood. In other words if a man lifts heavy weights every time then probably he does so even when he doesn't feel really good and this sends another indirect message to women telling them that this man is strong willed.

In addition to that lifting heavy weights require a lot of tolerance and endurance. A woman can easily conclude that the man who lifts such weights is tolerant and tough.

So when a woman sees a man lifting a heavy weight she doesn't look superficially at that event but her subconscious mind actually makes many calculations that let her conclude that this man might be a good relationship partner.

Trying hard to impress a woman doesn't work

If a man tried to make noise or to catch attention while lifting weights then this might actually turn women off. Women like men who are natural. They don't want to be with someone who is faking strength or trying to seem powerful but they just want to be with a man who seems powerful by nature.

This is why women get impressed by the ones who seem strong by nature and not the ones who are trying to seem strong or powerful.

So the moral of the story is if you are a man just be yourself. While physical strength is certainly one of the things that attract women there are also so many other things that women look for.

Even if a man doesn't have any muscles or even if he was very slim many women will still like him as women don't put that much high weight to physical looks.

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