How important is physical beauty

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how important is physical beauty

How important is physical beauty?
Do wise people judge others based on their appearance??

Many people will answer telling you that you should not judge a book based on its cover and while that's a wise answer coming from the conscious mind of the person saying it still his subconscious mind will contradict him and force him to judge people based on their looks during initial encounters.

Physical beauty is extremely important and all studies have shown that people judge each other based on their physical looks at least until they start to know each other well.

Before i tell you about these studies let me first remind you that physical attraction standards differ from one person to another. This means that you might be thinking that you are totally unattractive yet some people still find you very attractive!

So physical beauty is important but its extremely important that you understand the correct definition of physical beauty so that you don't harm your self esteem unintentionally.

The importance of physical beauty

According to the attractiveness halo effect theory people associate good traits with attractive people before they even come in contact with them.

A study has shown that attractive people were rated more socially successful, more financially successful and happier than unattractive people by people who saw them for the first time.

In Another study teachers were asked to rate students based on their pictures and some text reports that were almost identical to each student but that were rearranged to appear different.

Teachers gave higher ratings to attractive students and believed that they are more intelligent while they thought of unattractive children as problem children.

Another study has shown that people tended to be more helpful when asked for help by an attractive or a well dressed person.

I could list 100 studies but the conclusion will still be the same. Physical beauty is extremely important.

What is physical beauty?

I know that at this point you might be feeling bad if you didn't believe that you are that attractive but the important point you must understand is that the physical attractiveness i was talking about throughout this article is one a that changes from one person to another.

Some people are only attracted to blonds while others are only attracted to brunettes. Some girls like white men while others only prefer dark men. What a person likes might be completely different than what another person likes and that's why its a big mistake to label yourself unattractive.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that a person might find you unattractive and this is so normal but on the other hand you will find someone who believes that you are attractive.

So to sum things up, physical beauty is extremely important but the good news is that physical beauty standards differ from one person to another.

A self image problem happens when your looks doesn't match your beauty standards. For example if you believed that attractive people are slim ones and if you were not slim (but not obese) then you might believe that you are unattractive even though others might believe that you are attractive.

The problem here is with your own beauty standards and not with your looks. In order to like your looks in such a case you must fix your false beliefs about physical attractiveness.

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