Why doing good is good for you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I don't deserve to succeed

Everyday i get many mails from people who want to deal with certain life issues. One of the problems many people seem to be suffering from is believing that they don't deserve to succeed.

There are so many people out there who don't believe they deserve to get what they want in life even though those are normal people.

Of course there are many reasons that could lead to such a belief but the interesting thing is that one of the cures of that problem might be doing good things for others.

Whether you are a religious person or not doing good can change your perception of yourself and make you believe that you deserve a better life. Let's see ho this happenes.

Why doing good is good for you

When i talked about the formation of beliefs in my previous article how beliefs are formed i said that as your subconscious mind keeps gathering new data your beliefs either weaken or become stronger.

If for example you consistently kept failing then you might develop the belief that you are a loser. On the other hand if you kept winning then you might develop the belief that you are a winner.

The same exactly works for doing good and bad things. Even if you have no connection to religion the more bad things you do the more you build a belief that you aren't really good. This belief can act as the basis for the formation of other beliefs such as 'i don't deserve to succeed'.

Doing good on the other hand has the opposite effect.
As you keep doing good things your mind will start to believe that you are a good person especially when it compares you to the people who do bad things. Whether you want it or not those comparisons will happen and as a result you will believe that you deserve a good life.

The momentum

As for religious people doing good things make them feel that they deserve the support of God and of course doing bad things gives the opposite effect. When a person believes that he will get support in life he becomes more hopeful and this hope usually helps him in achieving his dreams.

Doing good also results in doing more good. As a person keeps repeating a certain behaviour over and over he develops a certain self concept. A person can believe for example that he is kind and as a result he will find himself automatically doing more kind activities.

Our brain has a powerful ability to maintain the momentum of whatever we start. This is why good deeds bring more good deeds and bad ones bring more bad ones.

In fact many people do bad things out of loss of hope. In such a case a person believs that there is no hope of improving since he has done so many bad things already.

So what if a person wants to change his self concept?
It's as simple as changing the behaviour. Start doing good things, you will believe that you are good and so more good actions will follow.

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