Why don't people like me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why don't people like me

Rejection hurts especially when it comes from the people we wished to become friends with or the people we loved.

Whenever a person is rejected he usually scans himself to find out if it was his fault or not. Confident people pass through that test easily while less confident ones suffer. (see Rejection and self esteem).

As rejections keep increasing the person’s self confidence decreases until he becomes convinced that he is not interesting, not attractive or that there is something wrong with him.

As soon as this false belief is acquired any weird look that this person can't interpret and any smile that looks fake even if it was real will further solidify the false belief the person has about himself.

So if I am not bad then why was I rejected?

As humans we learn by making mistakes, we might do things that we regret later or we might fall many times before we learn how to walk.

People could reject you because of some mistakes that you have done before like incorrectly positioning yourself or trying to impress them the wrong way, or they could reject you because of personal issues such as jealousy, envy or insecurity.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that usually when someone gets rejected he does the same mistake of going after the same people who rejected him in order to win their approval.

This is one of the biggest mistakes because even if you have managed to fix the mistakes that you have done still the first impression those people had about you will need a time before it can be changed.

I call this the rejection circle. A long as you keep chasing the people in your rejection circle your chances of succeeding will become lower and your self esteem might be affected.

So what can you do about it?

The right thing to do it is to move away from this rejection circle and to start meeting new people. With your new experience and with the knowledge you have acquired from your previous failures your chances of succeeding will be higher and your self confidence will increase.

Later on when you become really confident you will realize that the people who rejected you before only did it because they didn’t truly know you and their rejection won’t have any weight at that time.

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