Why some people hate leaving their house

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I have been there

No, I am not talking about people who get panic attacks when they leave their houses or the ones who have a serious disorder that prevents them from doing so but i am just talking about the people who seem to enjoy staying at home more than anything else.

I am very fortunate that my life was so rich in psychological experiences that i have experienced both extremes of so many traits. I had periods in my life where i used to stay at home for weeks without feeling bad while i had other perios where staying at home for one day was a catastrophe.

Those kinds of experiences had made it very clear to for why some people prefer to stay inside their houses for long periods of time. In this article i will tell you why those people do so. See also why people behave the way they do.

Why do people leave their houses

In order to understand that phenomenon the important question you need to ask yourself first is : Why do people leave their houses?

If your answer was : because they get bored then think again. Yes people hang out when they feel bored but do you know what boredom really is?

Boredom is an emotion your mind sends you when it realizes that there are more interesting things than the things you are doing right now. In other words if you are interested in meeting new people but you were at home watching TV then you will certainly get bored.

Let me make it clearer. Your important needs determine the things you find interesting and the things you get bored of.

So why do some people hate leaving their houses?
It's because those people don't have any needs outside of their houses. During the year where i loved staying at home i didn't find anything outside of my home interesting. For some reason i didn't want to meet new people and i was totally happy staying at home using the internet.

They want everything to remain the same

This reason is a bit different than the one discussed above. In the reason above people don't hang out because they don't have a need to do so but in this one people might want to hang out but they are stopped by something.

The force that could be stopping a person from hqnging out can take different forms. A person can love to stay at home because he is afraid to face life. For that person staying at home protects him from unpredictable events.

A woman who doesn't want to get hurt might enjoy staying at home because this will prevent her from meeting new men. In other words staying at home can be a method a person uses to maintain the status quo, to escape from new events and to remain inside his comfort zone.

In some cases staying at home can be a sign that this person wants to run away from things that he is afraid of. Of course the reason is never directly visible to the person and that's why the one who has that goal might not even be aware of it. That person will just find himself feeling great at home without realizing that he is trapping himself inside not to encounter the scary things outside.

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