Why do some people find everything boring

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why boredom happens

Do you find everything boring?
Do you hardly get excited about anything?
Do you have a friend who is always bored?

Luckily i have an explanation for you. In my previous article Why we get bored i said that we only find things interesting when they are aligned with our important goals.

If you hate computers and the internet then an HTML course will seem really boring to you. But what if you had the goal of making money online?

In such a case that course will seem really interesting because it will help you reach one of your important goals which is making money online or becoming rich. In other words boredom has a lot to do with our needs. If something seemed like it can help us meet some of our important needs then we will find that thing interesting.

The same exactly happens when we meet people. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said we find some people interesting because they help us meet some of our important unmet needs while we find others boring because they fail to do so. See why we find some people boring.

Why do some people find everything boring

The previous section explained the main reason behind boredom but it didn't explain why some people find almost everything boring. Here is the explanation:

When a person sees something he compares it to his experience database before evaluating it. If a person hasn't seen much then he will easily get impressed by so many things. Did you notice how little babies seem to find all toys interesting?

But as those kids grow up they tend to find many of them boring because they are no longer novel. In other words your experience database affects your perception of things.

If you have seen a lot then it would be hard to find something interesting.
When we expect things to happen or when we find things predictable we hardly get impressed.
I personally love horror movies. The first Horror movie i saw was terrifying but as i saw more and more movies everything became predictable that i don't get as much enjoyment from the movie i am watching unless it's more powerful than all what i have seen before.

In other words each new movie has to do more effort to impress me since my expectations were already raised by older movies.

What about your goals?

The lack of proper goals can lead to boredom. If you don't have a specific plan that can help you reach the things you want in life then you won't find anything interesting simply because nothing in the outside world will seem like a good match for your goals.

And be careful here. I am not asking you to set goals for the sake of setting goals because that also will never work. You need to set goals that can help you get the things you really want.

Once you do so you will find most of the things that can help you reach those goals more interesting.

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