Why you should never believe astrologers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you believe astrologers?

Do you believe astrologers?
Do you think its harmless to believe them?
Well in fact, it can be more dangerous than you think.

Even though i strongly believe that all astrologers say nonsense and that they know nothing about the future still i am not going to discuss that point in this article because that's not the purpose of the article. The purpose of this article is to show you how harmful it can be,from a psychological point of view, to believe in the words of astrologers.

As usual before i can explain why its harmful to believe an astrologer i have to give you a quick idea about the operation of the human brain.

How the human brain works

Here are some quick facts about the human brain:

  • 1) We collect evidence to support our beliefs: Humans don't change their beliefs often simply because they keep collecting evidences that support their beliefs and so those beliefs keep getting stronger even if they were wrong ones (see How people twist the facts to support their beliefs)
  • 2) We discard facts that contradict with our beliefs: We humans usually overlook all the facts that contradict our beliefs because we always have the desire to be right (see Why do most people live a twisted reality?)
  • 3) The brain directs us to achieve our mental goals: As a person sets an unconscious goal his brain will does its best to help him achieve that goal even if that goal was harmful

Why you should never believe astrologers

Now that you have enough information let me give you a quick life example to show you how the above things happen. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if a child was told by his teacher that he is dumb and then he believed his teacher then he might lose his confidence as a result.

As soon as the teacher, or the trusted source, pushes that belief into the child's mind the child will start looking for evidence to prove that belief true. If that child did a mistake, which is very likely to happen, then he will quickly assume that he made that mistake because he is dumb.

If that child got bad grades he will start to believe even more that he is dumb. If that child did something good then he will quickly discard it and even forget about it because it contradicts with his current beliefs. (see also How incorrect perception affects self confidence)

In the next stage that person will stop educating himself or enhancing his skills because of believing that he is dumb. And because that person will have no skills he won't find a job and so his belief that he is dumb will become a proven fact.

Did you notice how all this started?
It all began by believing someone who knew nothing!

The same exactly can happen with astrologers

In the Super powers course i said that when a trusted source injects a statement in our minds it can easily turn into a belief. If for example the astrologer told you that you will get divorced and you believed him then your new belief will become stronger and stronger until you will get divorced one day.

As soon as you will get told such a statement you will start to focus more on the problems of your marriage. Your mind will start to discard all the good things about it and the belief will become stronger at a result.

After that your behaviour will change because your beliefs towards your spouse changed. As a result of this change in behaviour your spouse might respond back with new unpleasant behaviour and shortly you might find yourself totally unsatisfied with the marriage.

Now that you fulfilled the prophecy divorce will seem like the rational soloution and you will get divorced.
The human mind can prove any statement true but it all begins by believing in it.

In short If you believed astrologers then your mind will work on making their prophecies come true.
That's how your mind works and that's why you should never believe them.

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