Why do we become anxious? 4 causes for anxiety

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we become anxious?

The main reason people fail to deal with bad emotions such as anxiety is that they don't understand their purpose.

Anxiety and all kinds of fears are, just like any other emotion. They are signals sent by your subconscious mind to you in order to help you solve a certain problem.

These signals are sent to you in order to motivate you to take an action or to improve your life. People who don't get this concept always fail to deal with anxiety as a result of attributing it to other incorrect causes.

The real problem happens when those emotions start to be triggered in places where they are not needed at all. For example feeling anxious when you are about to make a presentation even though there is no real danger can be a sign that anxiety has turned from an emotion that has a certain purpose to a disorder that makes life harder.

Anxiety's useful causes

Anxiety in fact has many useful causes. After all if our ancestors didn't feel anxious at certain times they would have been eaten by predators and you and me would have never been here today.

The same thing can happen to you today. While no one is going to eat you still lots of big problems can happen to you if you didn't feel anxious.

Think of anxiety as a message that is telling you that you need to be more prepared. As soon as you look at it that way you will be able to take advantage of it instead of thinking of it as a bad emotion. So after all these signals are sent to help you and to make your life better.

Anxiety can be caused by incorrect perception

Anxiety can also be caused by incorrect perception of events. For example people who develop fear of harmless objects or things such as cats only experience anxiety because of their incorrect perception.

If one of them managed to alter his perception and to realize that this black cat can never harm him then he will never feel anxious.

Feelings of anxiety are always connected to the future. This means that people become anxious about upcoming events most of the time and thus if a way was found that can make them feel more in control then certainly their anxiety can be reduced.

That's why anxiety and self confidence can be regarded as complete opposites in many cases. I am not trying to say that any person who feels anxious lacks self confidence but certainly being more confident can help you feel less anxious in many of the situations you face everyday.

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