Can someone have everything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The reason many people believe that no one can get everything

Can someone get everything?
Can someone have it all?
Can someone get all what he wants in life?

Before i answer that question let me first tell you why some people believe that no one can get everything. People who believe that no one can have everything can be divided into three groups:

  • 1) Religious folks: Some people Assume that nobody can get everything because of their religious beliefs. However, as i read thorough almost all religious i never found a religion that says that no one can have it all. Religious People just make that assumption because they want to believe that God can't give everything to someone while making someone else misfortune. But for some reasons that only God knows, this happens a lot
  • 2) The people who want to feel good about themselves: All humans want to feel great and one of the things they do to achieve that goal is making false assumptions about the world. When a person sees a popular celebrity who seems to have it all he might quickly make himself feel better by assuming that this celebrity has a health problem or that there is something missing in his life
  • 3) Those who confuse things together: Some people think that getting everything in life means that a person should have everything that any other human would wish to have and that's not correct. Every person has his own unique and different needs. If a person managed to satisfy all of his important needs then certainly he will feel that he has everything in life

Can someone have everything?

As you can see most people who have the belief that nobody can get everything in life developed it because of some kind of a psychological goal they had. Yes a person can have everything he wanted to have simply because by satisfying your most important needs you will feel that the world is in your hands.

Happiness is nothing more than the feeling a person gets when he satisfies some of his important needs in life. If you wanted a great job then you got it then certainly you will feel happy. Now total satisfaction, or getting everything in life, happens when you satisfy all of your important needs at once and not just one. (see also How to be the happiest person on the planet).

As i said earlier your needs are unique and might have nothing to do with the needs of others. If a person wants to get into a good relationship, have a great job and a nice car then he will feel that he have gotten everything in life if he managed to satisfy all of those needs at once.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people develop false beliefs to help themselves cope with emotional problems when they believe they can't change their lives to the better.

It's much easier to believe that you can never have everything you wanted than to strive to meet all of your important needs. It takes a lot of courage for a person to admit that he is in control and it takes a lot more courage for that person to start pursuing his dreams. This is why so many people prefer the false belief short cut.

How to have everything in life?

So how can you have everything in life?

The formula is simple. First you need to find out all of your important needs. This can only happen when you get a good level of self understanding. Secondly you need to set goals that can help you reach all of those needs while maintaining the balance.

If you tried to satisfy one of those needs on the expense of another one then unhappiness will happen. So many people don't feel that good when they get the things they always wanted simply because, without noticing, they sacrifice some of the other important needs.

You might want to be rich but if you wasted your health trying to do so then money won't make you happy. Now if money, fame and success arrived while you were at a perfect health then you will experience true happiness (only if those things were important to you).

So many people post the famous Quote Jim Carrey quote to prove their point true. The quote says "I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer."

My answer to that quote is very simple. If you have another important need apart from money,fame and reaching your goals then you will never experience true happiness unless you manage to satisfy that need. Full stop.

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