How to get over attachment issues

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to get over attachment issues

What causes attachment issues? and can someone get over them?
Why do some people cry their heart out when they lose something and why do other people never care?

Why are some people so much attached to certain things and why can others easily accept the loss of something that they had?

In my previous article how to be strong in life i said that the more needy you are and the more attached you are to certain things the weaker you will become. The strongest man on earth is the one who has nothing to lose.

So if this is the case then how can you get over attachment issues?

Getting over attachment issues

Before you can know how to get over attachment issues you first need to understand why are some people overly attached to certain things.

Here are the reasons

  • Believing that this thing cant be replaced: If someone is extremely attached to his job then there is a great possibility that he believes that he cant replace it if he lost it.
  • Helplessness & pessimism: The more helpless you are the more attached you will be to the things you have. People who don't have attachment issues are the ones who believe that they can reach whatever they are after

In fact those two points have a lot in common. Once you believe that you can't replace what you have if you lost it you will develop attachment issues.

How to prevent attachment issues

If you want to prevent attachment issues and get over them completely then you must train yourself on finding another way as soon as you find that one way is blocked.

Many people who have attachment issues panic and start crying when they find that they can't reach what they want by following a certain way while the right action should be finding another way instead of being attached to the first one. (see How to reach your goals faster)

If you wanted to work for a certain company but you got a rejection letter then just apply for another one instead of clinging to the first.

Getting over attachment issues is all about learning how to stop crying and to find another way instead of the one that was blocked.

If you started a business and it failed then you just need to start another one.
If someone dumped you then you just need to find someone better.

As soon as you believe that you can replace what what lost you will get over attachment issues in no time.

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