Dealing with an over sensitive person or partner

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Over sensitive people need special care

Over sensitive people are fragile, yes they may not beat you if you didn’t handle them with care (because most of over sensitive people hate physical activities) but they may hate you for it.

If you have an over sensitive partner and you didn’t understand that he is over sensitive then many problems will arise and your relationship could end quickly.

How to deal with an over sensitive person or partner?

If you want to win the over sensitive person as a friend or if you want to keep your relationship going on with your over sensitive partner then follow these guidelines whenever you communicate with him/her:

    Never be harsh: the over sensitive person will do his best to avoid harsh people. If you shout a lot or if you are a little aggressive in dealing with people then rest assured that you wont get along with the over sensitive person (see Anger management tips)

  • Make minimal critical comments: I am not asking you to avoid criticism completely because I know that sometimes its a must however do your best not to constantly criticize the over sensitive person. The more you criticize him the more he will avoid you.
  • Never use physical violence: If you use violence then the over sensitive person will not only do his best to avoid you but he may hate you too
  • Be a nurturing partner: the more kind and nurturing you are the more will the over sensitive person love you.
  • be more Romantic: the over sensitive person thinks with his emotions when it comes to relationships. The more romantic you become the more the over sensitive person will love you (see Why are men not romantic)

How to know if my partner is an over sensitive person?

Other than finding your partner getting annoyed frequently because of small things and other than finding him hating criticism still you have two other methods of knowing whether someone is an over sensitive person or not before even knowing him.

Those two methods are noticing how his body looks like and face reading. People have different body shapes and it was found that people who have the Ectomorph body shape(slim body) are sensitive people.

Face reading is the art of knowing someone's personality from his face features. According to face reading people who have tiny face features such as small nose and chin are also sensitive people.

The links below will tell you more about both of these methods and will tell you how to use them to know if someone is over sensitive or not.

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