Fear of approaching her/him

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of approaching someone

Do you like or love someone?
Do you fear to approach him?
Does your fight or flight response get triggered as soon as you try to talk to him?

why do you become anxious when you approach him/her

The reason you become anxious when approaching a certain person is that this person is of a big importance to you and this puts additional load on your subconscious mind.

Because the person is important you your subconscious mind tends to become more self conscious and anxious around him. These emotions has one purpose which is to make sure that you don't do anything wrong while being around him.

Another reason for being anxious when approaching a person is the fear of rejection.Again the more important the person is to you the more intense the fear of rejection will be.

Why do we feel anxious??

When you are about to do something that is of a high importance to you or that is going to affect your future life greatly (for example going for a job interview that will determine your career path) then you may become anxious as well.

The anxiety in this case happens for the same reason which is not being able to tolerate rejection or loss of that thing because its important to you.

how to deal with anxiety

Its completely OK to feel anxious or afraid from time to time but if those feelings became so intense to the extent that they prevented you from doing your normal tasks then you must work on treating them.

In psychology we don't consider a certain bad emotion to be a personality disorder unless it completely hinders the person from living his normal life.

If your anxiety started preventing you from talking to people or doing your job normally then you must take serious actions to treat it.

The best way to deal with anxiety is to understand the real cause behind it then work on treating it. For example some people become anxious around others because they lack self confidence and fear being judged.

Others lack confidence in social situations because they are dissatisfied with their body image. Now if those two groups of people were to treat their anxiety it would be a great mistake that they use the same approach because the root cause behind their anxiety is different.

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