fear of approaching groups of people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of approaching groups of people

Do you fear approaching groups of people?
Do you prefer not to ask about something you want to know not to approach a group of people?
Do you feel self conscious when approaching a group of people that you don’t know well?

why do you fear approaching groups of people

There is no myth behind the fear of approaching groups of people. Either lacking self confidence or inferiority complex could be the main reason for your fear of approaching groups.

When you approach the groups and put much emphasis on how are they going to judge you you will certainly feel self conscious and afraid. Again putting much weight to what people will think of you may be rooted to inferiority feelings or lack of self confidence.

how to get over the fear of approaching groups of people?

Do you wonder why do you fear groups of people while you experience much less fear when approaching one person?

Simply because you deal with the group as if it was a one person. You think that all of the people in that group will think of you in the same way, judge you in the same way or even have the same thoughts about you.

In Fact each one of those people have got his own unique thoughts, yes they may like one entity from the outside but underneath that scary appearance everyone is living in his own world. Each group member has his own belief system and each one of them will form a different impression of you than others.

If you were able to read their minds you may find that one of them actually feared you, the other may have thought of you as a nice or respectable person while the third may have not gave any attention to you at all!!

i invented this technique and called it the group separation technique. Don’t think of groups as one unit but think of them as different people standing together and you will not fear them anymore.

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