Time squeezing techniques

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you think that you dont have enough time?

Do you think that you don't have enough time?
Do you think that you can't manage your time because you are stuck?

If your answers were yes then read this article to know what to do.

How to find more time

If you are a type A, if you work for extended periods of time or if you don’t have enough time to do all what you want to do then here is a list of things that can help you find some more time.

Please note that if you don’t have enough motivation or if you don’t have an eager desire to achieve something then this list won’t be suitable for you. this list is for serious people only:

  • Sleeping hours : do you know that sleeping more or less than the average healthy sleeping hours could impact your health? , yes, contrary to common beliefs sleeping more is harmful. The average healthy sleeping hours are 7 so make sure you save yourself some time by sleeping for only 7 hours. Off course there is a range for healthy sleeping time and it should not be exactly 7, it could be a little less or more depending on your conditions.
  • Doing something while working : lets suppose you work for 12 hours a day. Are your whole 12 hours completely occupied? This is Impossible, you should at least have 1 hour free in between, even if it was distributed on four different periods of 15 minutes each. You can still use this hour to study, to read an article or plan for your life.
  • Traveling : when traveling by train, some people read, some people work on their laptops while others sleep !!! . you may be wasting a precious time while traveling especially if you travel a lot, make sure you use it
  • religious lessons : some people claim that they don’t have time to attend religious lessons. If you really can’t go then why not buy an mp3 player and listen to them while running or exercising ?
  • reading while eating : what’s the problem in working while eating? If you can’t, then what’s the problem with reading while eating? you waste around 2 hours a day eating, save them!!

You have no excuse; if you are serious you can get time out of no where.

Excuses vs low self esteem

Sometimes the mind comes up with a neat trick to help people feel good about themselves. Some people are too scared to take an action but they don't want to admit this fact.

Their minds solves this problem by letting them procrastinate! Those people come up with excuses such as i dont have enough time while in fact they are just too scared to try!

You must keep an open eye on the tricks your subconscious mind might be using against you. This self deception method might work for a while but after some time the truth will prevail and you will feel really bad about yourself.

Take the initiative now before its too late.

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