Time heals everything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Time heals everything

Time heals everything right?
How many times you heard someone saying that statement or saying the other more famous one "time heals all wounds?"

Lots of people use that statement to get over insomnia. After all if time is going to heal everything then the person can just sleep at night and wait for time's magical effects, right?

In this article i will examine this statement and tell you whether time really heals everything or not.

Does time really heal everything?

Joe was a very confident man because he believed that he could achieve anything. When he got married and failed to keep his relationship with his wife going his self confidence was shattered as he discovered the limitations of his powers. Because Joe believed that time heals everything he decided to wait and do nothing.

But because self confidence can never be rebuilt without making real life achievements Joe kept waiting forever.

Ann's father was a real abusive man who used to treat her mother in a real bad way. As a result Ann developed fear of commitment not to experience the same fate her mother suffered from. Because Ann believed that time heals everything she kept waiting and waiting but nothing happened. Ann lived fearing commitment for more than 20 years without being healed.

Steven was always being bullied at school in addition to not being taken care of at his home. He grew up lacking self confidence and because he believed that time heals everything he never took any action other than waiting and up till today he lacks self confidence.

Time heals nothing, your actions heal everything

I could have listed 100 more examples but i don't want this post to be any longer.
Time doesn't heal anything on its own but its the actions you take while time is passing that can heal everything.

Time can help you bury your problems a bit deeper in your mind or remove them from your short term memory but anything related to your problems will sooner or later remind you of them and bring your wounds to the surface once again.

If you want to heal any wound then there is only one way to do it which is to take actions as waiting heals no wounds.

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