Fear of falling in love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Fear of falling in love

Why do some people fear falling in love?
We all know that many people feel afraid not to find a partner or to stay single for a long period of time but why do some people fear the thing that most people are after??

In order to understand this strange kind of fear you need to get an understanding of fears in general. In this post i will explain the concept of fear while highlighting the fear of falling in love.

What causes fear of falling in love

People develop fears or phobias when they face a traumatic experience at a certain point in their lives. A child who was bitten by a dog might start fearing dogs. Moreover if another child saw the dog biting his friend he might develop fear of dogs as well.

So what does this has to do with the fear of falling in love?
People who were emotionally abused in a relationship or who saw close ones being emotionally abused in a relationship are most likely to fear falling in love.

If a man cheated on his wife then she might fear falling in love later on so that the tragedy doesn't repeat itself. In the same time the little daughter who was watching this happening might have also develop a fear of falling in love not to experience what happened to her mother.

Self deception and the fear of falling in love

Some people who don't know how to find the right partner and who find it shameful to admit this fact start to develop the fear of falling in love as a method of ego protection.

Those people feel way better in telling others that they fear to fall in love rather than telling them that they can't find the right partner.

How to get over the fear of falling in love

There is always one way best to get over a certain fear which is to face it. Fears grow when you avoid them and the only way to get over them is to prove them false by facing them directly.

The more you avoid relationships the greater will your fears became, while if you managed to face your fears and got into a relationship your fears will disappear.

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