How to deal with people correctly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with people correctly

Why do people treat me in a bad way?
Why do i get undesired responses when i try to communicate with people?
How to deal with people correctly?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Have you ever tried to talk to a stranger or to send someone a message then got a completely undesired response?

These situations happened to most of us and the main reason they keep happening to some of us is that they don't change their way.

Most people who don't know how to deal with others correctly blame others and say that they are mean or unfriendly when they don't respond to them in a good way forgetting that in most cases the response they get is mainly their responsibility.

The response you get is your responsibility

Try to put a cake in the oven for a certain time and you will find that it will taste delicious, now leave the same cake in the oven for hours and it will taste really bad. The Same oven, same person and the same cake but a different approach resulted in a completely different result.

If you approached a stranger while frowning then asked for a favor then certainly you will get a different response than if you approached him with a smile on your face. (see also How to become more approachable)

No i am not telling you that smiling does miracles but all what i am trying to let you understand is that the way you approach others and the words you use can have a significant impact on the response you get.

If you want to learn how to deal with people correctly then you must first assume the responsibility for the results you are getting for in most cases the undesired responses you got were just a direct result of your approach. (see Taking responsibility for your life)

The incorrect perception and Dealing with people correctly

You might be wondering why do you sometimes deal with people incorrectly even though you know the right thing to do.

This usually happens because of the incorrect way you see reality. If you approached a beautiful person while assuming that he is arrogant then most probably you aren't going to appear confident or friendly. As a result you will get an undesired response.

Because you mistakenly believed that the person was arrogant you acted accordingly and that's why you got an undesired result.

Had you dealt with that same person in a different way you would have gotten a completely different result.

So incorrect perception of reality is the most popular reason that lets you deal with people incorrectly even though you know the right thing you should do.

If you want to deal with others correctly then you must get rid of the false beliefs you have about people, about yourself and the incorrect stereotypes you have built over the years.

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